Wow.. just suspended 2 accounts that where posting child porn.. :amaze:​ 😟

Be aware, I will never ever ever stand for such things. Even stronger: Ill save the IP and email and I will send this to the authorities.

@calculsoberic Please save the IP and email in a note or something and send it to me ❤️

I'm afraid they just seek another place to go further email might be useful but the ip is practically useless .

maybe if you also record the time than the isp could actually correlate it but the ip by itself is absolutely useless.

@stux do people think that mastodon is some dark web or something where people can't see what they're doing in broad daylight? wtf? disgusting. glad you are taking care of it.

@stux can you share which accounts so other admins can purge those accounts? deletion doesn't always work

@stux What a horror that such things happen should be punished by law.

I guess it is also time for instances admins to call for additional voluntary moderators to deal with the massive increase of toots and content.

@stux 👍 the right way!! please fight that shit people!!!

@stux Glad to know you’ve removed them. Well done my friend!

@stux Might want to share that info with other instances. Don't want them popping up elsewhere to cause trouble.

@fabiscafe @stux Best to warn the ones that will act, and isolate the ones that won't.

@DamnCatOnMyDesk @stux that is a good point. Is there a method of network wide user level reporting and blacklisting?

@Sh4d0w_H34rt @DamnCatOnMyDesk There are some instance blocking lists but no users or other as far as I know.. 🤔

I think we need a private Matrix channel for that with some admins :thinking_rotate:

@stux @DamnCatOnMyDesk a number of Twitter refugees have experienced harassment and abuse on our old platform, such a feature would ease fears a little.

@stux That's horrible, upsetting and utterly depraved.

Glad you caught them. xx

@stux bloody hell. I hope the police will arrest them . 🤬

@stux Do you think someday there will be a database of email addresses (maybe IPs too) some instance-admins agree on blocking? Shared between said admins or public so other instances can use them if they want. :blobcatthink:

@stux man, people never cease to disappoint. Sorry you had to do that. Gross people.

@stux Hope this helps the authorities shut down a large ring or something.

@GracelessHippo @stux Absolutely! Thanks, Stux, you're doing a grand job and we appreciate it.

@LolInKent @stux

This is much more like me old social. Old school style with REAL LIFE MODERATORS! *woop WOOP*

@stux I'm sad you had to look at what they posted 💔😪 many thanks & 💝

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