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People from racial minority groups have to identify with white protagonists all the time. It shouldn’t be so hard for some white people to identify with a person of color or a character of color. Unless there's something else at work, of course.

Film and theater should reflect the whole society that produces them. Good actors are good actors. Good films are good films. Good stories are good stories. Melanin and hair color don't define a character, especially not a fictional character in a story about mythical people.

If people are worried about authenticity, I challenge them to go out and find a real mermaid or a Hobbit for the roles.

Fear of a Black Hobbit-
The demand to keep politics out of art is too often a demand for art to conform to conservative politics.

@TonyStark American society has kept up this pretense for like three hundred years. Why start changing now?
I, a huge fan of the original LOTR movies both welcome and enjoy the diversity represented in this series. Plus one for the focal characters of the proto-hobbits being female!
For the weakness and division in the cultures of that age of Middle Earth, skin color means nothing. To Americans offended by this, they should reflect that the orc’s lines descended somewhere.
I know who l’ll stand with in that universe!

As we wonder what rights will be curtailed in Italy with the election of Giorgia Meloni as prime minister and her far-right coalition, Iranians revolt against 43 years of their repressive regime.

We have our own choices in the USA. There's not a great threat of a formal morality police, but the Fratelli d'Italia leader sounds a lot like the American right wing, lamenting replacement of Italians with immigrants and wanting to weaken ties with allies.

Man is the best computer we can put aboard a spacecraft ... and the
only one that can be mass produced with unskilled labor.
-- Wernher von Braun

CDCR is very backwards in their prison reforms, they do not rehabilitate, rather than use the head count for cash. The poor-quality food, healthcare almost non-existent, and the appalling mess of the cells, say it all! Just disgusting in this day and age..well done California..Well done Mr. Newsom!!! well done !

Ooohhh I'm enjoying this legal case against sooo much!

He's fcked

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