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i'm an independant craftperson and i mainly make plushies, with also some crossstitch and crochet.

in order to live off my craft, i need more visibility, and you can help by rt'ing! it doesn't cost you anything and it can help me get orders :)

MFers really are acting like being anything other than periallocishet and expelling cisheteronormaltive systems and boundaries is just a fad that is infringing on everyone's freedoms.

Don't forget the U.S. House races going into Election Day.

Here's a list you can help out with and make sure your friends in these districts vote blue.

Our House majority needs protected. An expansion would be even better. Vote Republicans out. #HoldTheHouse :voteblue2: #2020Elections

Cook Report shifts 12 House races, all but one toward Democrats:

Hello fediverse!
Peggy Carter, checking in after migrating to this instance with #HeroesResist
New home, same mission.

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