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I finally got to see the movie #Unfit.
It is not an easy watch.
I know cheating at golf is a small thing compared to the other horrors he committed, but the thing that struck me most was this:

According to sportswriter Rick Reilly, trump has one golf cart at all his clubs that only he uses.

He has each of them modified so they go much faster than all the others.

That way, he can speed to his balls unseen to move them at will.

Reilly details all the ways trump cheats at golf then states the obvious...if he would cheat at golf why wouldn't he cheat at ...

@Vision This is sad news. I know that Larry King was around long before and long after the 1980s, but for me he was an '80s icon because his CNN show was the first time I ever heard of him.

Even though he had many health problems, that should underscore for everyone who still doesn't understand that #COVID19 is even more dangerous for those with pre-existing conditions.

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