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Having Juneteenth declared a federal holiday is a good thing. More people will become aware of the facts surrounding it and more people will learn why it's important. However, the overwhelming Republican support for this holiday is a dead giveaway.

If this declaration did anything at all to level the playing field for Black citizens financially, improve their access to education and chances of success in the competitive labor market, their healthcare services, their access to credit and home ownership, the infrastructure in their communities, and so on, few if any Republicans would have voted for it.

Removing critical race theory from schools will not erase history or discussion of it. Those discussions will be more fruitful if everyone has the facts. The GOP will try and use this passage as cover to deny facts. Facts interfere with their power grab.

Analysis | Embracing Juneteenth is entirely consistent with the pushback against discussing racism in schools:

The decision not to get vaccinated places risk upon the millions who can't develop their own vaccine-induced antibody response due to suppressed immune systems from autoimmune issues, cancer treatments, organ transplants,etc. They are all ages and need us all to get vaccinated. #GetVaccinated

**Delta variant doubles risk of COVID hospital admission: Study**

"New study finds evidence that protection from vaccines may be lower against the Delta variant than the Alpha variant."

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@TonyStark It's no secret how much I like Elizabeth Warren, who wants a 2% wealth tax over $50 million and a 6% wealth tax over $1B, but even has a few billionaire donors because there are a few billionaires who think they have too much money. (Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, venture capitalist Chris Sacca, and Danaher cofounder Steven Rales.) A wealth tax is different from a tax on high incomes, but we need both. However people make such obscene amounts, they need to be not be accumulating it while others are living at the poverty line. I'm just not sure I'd set an upper limit and confiscate everything above it, because I know that people have changed their citizenship over less confiscatory taxes. But I'm not an economist either!

I don't even know what Chipotle costs, but I had it once while traveling and it looked like the best option. It probably was, but it was only ok. I'm a fan of food trucks and local places.

Which is the best series so far?

**Gender inequality: The economic effect of the pandemic on women**

"Women's jobs are 1.8 times more vulnerable to this crisis. The global economy could suffer trillions in lost output."

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“‘Genocide is what happens when a people are discriminated against, corralled, and led to slaughter,’ he writes in … a paper published in the state of Israel—a state that bulldozes Palestinian houses while giving subsidized homes to American settlers of Jewish descent, ethnically cleansed 80 percent of the indigenous population upon its founding, imprisoned millions in militarily occupied ghettos, and just slaughtered one out of every 1,000 people living in Gaza”

Article: PM has reportedly decided to delay June 21 lockdown easing until July 19
PM has reportedly decided to delay June 21 lockdown easing until July 19

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Article: Delta variant cases in UK increase by 70% to more than 42,000
Delta variant cases in UK increase by 70% to more than 42,000

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