Enjoy the day! And don't forget to drink coffee:blobcatcoffee:

Shut he fock off you fucking monster🧐! Yell in your own home and not on the street.. go find your puppiess cruella..

Oh it's my happy day i found an LP of Elton John💃🏼

Someone who can help me? I have connected external speakers to my lenco record player.. but there is no sound coming out? someone who knows what i'm doing wrong

I think about the thing to go take some piano lessons.. i could play piano in my younger years.. but i realise my home to small for a piano :blobcatcry2:

Oh dan zal het wel van twente airport zijn gekomen.. naja beter 😊!

Oh man i really hate ziggo 🤮! Time to switch to KPN :ablobcatmusic:

Happy me i have picked up my old hobby save some old LP's. And well i found some old LP's from the king of rock and roll.. sorry neighbours if you hear sing i listen to elvis 😅🥳🥳! @stux i promise to make not some loud noise :ablobcatmusic:

Wauw my mother in law is so smart not.. that it is verry funny 🤣🤣. My dad in law lives in another home because he has alzheimers.. so brought his phone to him for looking pictures " that is what she tought" he calls her the hole evening where are you? When do you came home?.. did you think he was only looking pictures ofcourse not he has alzheimers he mis you. It's so sad. But here action was funny 🤣🤣

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