Now we have a working mirror for prebuild binaries.

And also a Matrix group to chat

If I only could figure out how to make package signing work inside a clean chroot. 😅️

Seems like there is some real interest in unstable / for . The project is growing.

Currently working on a repo-server for this as well as an Archiso for testing.

I honestly dont know if this scares me or if it is fun. 😅️

For everyone who is involved in any way, I have to say >Thank you<

We're excited to announce GNOME Latam, a day to celebrate and expand our #GNOME community in Latin America!
Our Call for Presentations is now open and we're looking for speakers to present in Spanish or Portuguese. All talk proposals can be submitted at

Nobody is the bad guy in his own world. Thats why you learn the most about yourself by talking to and with other people.

**Meinung: Her mit dem EU-Impfpass!**

"Israel macht vor, wie das mit dem Impfpass geht. Die EU droht an ihrer eigenen Komplexität in dieser an sich simplen Frage zu scheitern, meint Bernd Riegert."

#nachrichten #bot

Packaging of is still WIP but now I'm able to start the session. It feels nice

The Arch experience:

1. Update entire system
2. Reboot with new kernel
3. New updates available!

...and I actually love it for that 🤗

Und unter könnt ihr euch darüber informieren, welche Spenden wir generell benötigen und wie ihr uns diese zukommen lassen könnt.

Herzlichen Dank im Voraus! 🧡

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