Full ass grown men yell at children's because they got the Shopping cart first. 😥

Fabian yelled at full ass grown man because of this.

RT @MariMilehamIHES@twitter.com

This student created his own cozy atmosphere today and I absolutely love it 😂

Probleme nach Update: Outlook zeigt E-Mails fehlerhaft an - Outlook hat nach einem Update Probleme mit der Darstellung von E-Mails. Microsoft bietet bereits eine Lösung an. heise.de/news/Probleme-nach-Up

German IT:
Sorry, out remotedesktop client doesn't support your non-linux-os

*goes to the official site of the remoteclient software and sees linux support advertised*

It's SO fucking sad, that many of out local IT companies don't have anyone with linux/macOS knowledge.

:blobcathappypaws: tmate
tmate.io is effing awesome! I just installed an ArchLinux on someone elses computer by using it (and letting another 3 people watch).
It's like teamviewer, but for the CLI (and without that high price)

OK so the problem is that somehow the whole registry is cleared up on this windows installation and it seems to be impossible to recover this. Great. :blobcatnotlikethis:

chroot for Windows, when?

Generic Bluescreen help be like this:

1. Open the registry editor

TF I can't access windows because of the bluescreen, how to open registry editor without windows beeing able to boot?!

Für einige Samsung B2240W-Monitore (ca. 4 kg) suchen wir passende VESA 75-Monitorständer. Sie müssen nicht zwingend original, aber natürlich kompatibel zur Aussparung sein (s. Foto). #FollowerPower

2 Dates to remember

42 will go live in 2022 :blobcatcoffee:
69 will be released in 2031 :blobcatdevil:

I honestl dislike poeple who cry about this and that but dont take actions against. If you dont feel good all the time, stop crying, visit a doctor. If you hate your ex, stop keeping something around to have this person in your world.
It's literally that easy in many cases.

So I had a lenghty disscussion about Antivirus apps with a costumer. It ended up with a talk about what I use, that I dont even have one, because of Linux and not using Windows. That led to another talk about why I dont install this also for her.
So in the end 30min of talk about stuff, for one renewal of kaspersky that is worth no talk at all.
Grr :blobcatcoffee:

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