Linux Build Engineer
Location: Markham, Ontario, CA

The Role:
Our team works on open-source GPU drivers for Linux. We are leading contributors to the Radeon Mesa graphics and multimedia drivers included in popular Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, and Debian. Our software is used in exciting products such as the Tesla Model S and the Steam Deck.

9 good years…
31st of july 2012 - 31st of july 2021. That was some quality. I'm a bit sad but it was a nice time. RIP Logitech C525

How is it that cheap and or crappy stuff from china manages to have USB-C but the mimimi german quality stuff joins the party with USB-B or Micro-B? D:

I need a good (desktop-PC) microphone for around 50€. Any idea? :D

OK so I wasted a whole work-day without any result. Parallel wont help because it's something in Windows and I should ask Microsoft support.

I guess I'll be another one whos stuck in the "not supported" loop of excuses.

Am 21. und 22. August findet die #FrOSCon 2021 mit einem umfangreichen und vielfΓ€ltigen Vortragsprogramm zu #OpenSource Software als virtuelle und kostenfreie Konferenz statt.
Die Themenschwerpunkte sind in diesem Jahr unter anderem die IT-Sicherheit in der Cloud, Erfahrungen aus einem Jahr Home-Office und OpenSource Groupwares. Ein Blick in das Programm fΓΌr beide Konferenztage ist hier mΓΆglich:

#Betriebssysteme #BSI #DeutschlandDigitalSicherBSI

-installing Win10 now for 3h in parallels desktop.-
Keeps failing and stucks on update. I love this.

Someone here with a 3D printer on linux? Whats the model and how's the experience so far? Also what software to use?

It's like you're working on this awesome huge project, get paid for and it's much fun, but you're not allowed to talk about it and nobody will ever know that you're part of it. :blobcatlook:

-Rebuilds personal -iso w/ for August-

Was about to do this yesterday, but I wanted the new kernel release in (5.13.7). :archlinux:

Jedes Problem eines Menschen kann eine liebenswerte Eigenschaft fΓΌr jemand anders sein.

@fabiscafe HAPPY BIRTHDAY FABIAN! πŸ₯³ πŸŽ‰ 🎈 πŸ• πŸ₯‚ 🍻

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