Mastodon's Founder Says Trump's New Social Network Is Just Mastodon

'Truth Social', which will launch officially later in the year, is seemingly using Mastodon's codebase without credit.

Former President Donald Trump’s new social network ’Truth Social’ is seemingly a thinly disguised fork of popular social network codebase Mastodon.

Its terms also say that “all source code” of Truth Social is proprietary. That might run afoul of Mastodon’s own license.

“The main thing is that Mastodon is free software, released under the AGPLv3 license, so anyone can use it—provided they comply with the license. The main part of the license is making the source code and any modifications to it available to the public,” Rochko told Motherboard. With Truth Social saying that its code is proprietary “that would be a problem, as that would indicate a license violation,” Rochko added.

Rochko added “If you want my personal opinion on Trump, I cannot stand the guy.”

Thank you @Gargron 🙇

@stux Well maybe it will boost the use / awareness of free software, which can't be a bad thing.

@zleap I was thinking the same, but not sure we need his followers on here :fediverse::blobcatscared:

@stux @zleap IIRC i don't believe it was actually federated, or they heavily tweaked the fuck out of it.

@neko @stux

This is fine for those of us here who understand that. The issue will be the masses who don't and will form their own ideas etc.

I would suspect you are right otherwise Trumps new pet project would not last very long on here with everyone blocking him.

Like with my comment about Trump inventing this, we need to ensure we have a robust, consistent response to statements to the contrary of what the 'actual' situation is.

Will be fun, but like most people here we probably have better things. May be a good idea to put a statement out (once we know the situation ) so that we can refer people to it, but that can also be found with a simple ddg search, that way we can also say we don't have time to argue with people too bone idle ( or dumb) to research this.

@stux @zleap
This site already permits even worse, like flagrant neoNazis...

@wattdefalk @stux

Maybe we should hold off doing anything for a while and let that build up, we then build up more evidence to get it shut down.

If that platform in any shape way or form damages the reputations of normal mastodon users, we all could have a case of defamation and damage to reputation.

@wattdefalk @stux @zleap one can't control other people. thats the imaginary job of govt and law coercement.

there's a fascinating book i'm reading that i was telling someon eelse about that i think you three may enjoy - "listen little man!" by wilhelm reich. can be found used on :)

@ringo @wattdefalk @stux

Trump puts himself first, How are people signing up to this, it is not meant to be launched till qtr1 of 2022 (cite : bbc news I think)

@zleap @wattdefalk @stux i dont know, i dont care about what anyone political does. they're all criminally insane. :-) you may or may not find this interesting.

@ringo @stux @zleap
I wasn't wishing I could make NeoNazis go away, just saying Drumpf's handlers picked a very effective site for him

@wattdefalk @stux @zleap I'm more concerned navigating a world where the graphene flagship has 7/10ths of the world connected to a graphene oxide brain melding thing, and or whatever is actually happening out there. its going to be a shit storm of epic proportions, regardless of what the causalities are, or the intentionality is behind the whole mess.

@ringo @wattdefalk @stux

It would be interesting to see if any schools block this. I tried to contact South West Grid for Learning, who issue internet safety advice, but I want to invite them here to fedi (so far ignred) it would be helpful if they blocked trumps new instance ASAP esp if people can sign up, as I got one impressiion it was invite only

I wonder if someone either trump or someone in his team has failed to understand how the instance software works.

@ringo @wattdefalk @stux

Indeed, but schools have to filter certain content, at least in the UK they do.

@ringo @wattdefalk @stux

Most schools e.g primary don't exactly employ IT technical staff, so swgfl provide the actual internet access (so they are a service provider) so filtering is part of that,

@zleap @wattdefalk @stux oh interesting they always had an IT dept in my school district when i was growing up, unless you count pre 5th grade because it wasnt really relevant yet, they just bought comps from vendors like apple or whatnot

@ringo @wattdefalk @stux

Secondary schools employ IT tech staff, primary schools may employ one as part of an academy network (group of schools) but i was under the impression some of that is more phone tech support and click buttons.

Problem is explaining fedi to them they need to understand and care enough to explain properly to others.

We could end up with the whole of Mastodon tarred with a 'danger' tag and along with that those who use it.

Something none of us want, ironically they are happy to use facebook despite the reports of kids being untapped wealth in their view.

@ringo @wattdefalk @stux

And all the other 'known' bad side effects of facebook _ related patforms

add to that schools here in the UK are now banned from promoting anti capatialist material (not quite sure what the UK government mean by that) but freedom to look up info and choose things is kinda diminished.

Schools use zoom, google etc they are tied in, locked in and don't know alternatives.

@ringo @zleap @stux
Some a-mine are just lumps where I banged my head while drunk (cue drummer:)

@ringo @wattdefalk @stux

Another reason to engage properly with south west grid for learning is to ensure they understand how the fedi works and that not all instances should be blocked.

Given the interest in trump generally, media hype perhaps it would be wise for them to block it or at least be aware they should.

Last thing any of us want is for them to spread mis information and put all of mastodon in the same basket of "bad sites'; as trumps new site.

I at least assume that is the case for most of us.

@ringo @zleap @stux
Though I know what you mean, I try never to forget all humans are brilliant in some ways and stupid in others. And some a-my best shit is especially stupid.
Rev . Watt deFalk

PS What's graphene, in this context?

PPS Ol' Doc Benway & Co. got me innarested in Reich

@ringo @wattdefalk @stux

I have not contacted swgfl over the trump site it was the other day to invite them here, (own instance ideally)

@wattdefalk @zleap "This site" meaning the instance you are on? :amaze:​ I hope that's not the case.. In the Fedi terms speaking ofc there are "nasty" servers, like there are "nasty" users on the big mainstream but the blocking function works puurfectly for that

@stux @wattdefalk

I just blocked that instance, i block stuff I don't want to see. The power of the way mastodon works is I can block users, mute users or block whole instances.

@stux @zleap
I meant Mastodon of course, not d.t
I don't block far-gone deependers cuz that's more attention then I want to attract, and I keep tabs on 'em in the interest of psychopathology

@zleap Well... If they don't disclose the use of Masto's codebase... How would it be "boost the awareness"?
I mean, do you *really* expect the average user to dive into that shit?


Probably not, but if we say it is base don Mastodon, then that is all we can do, I do see your point but at least some of us will know he hasn't created this from scratch

@zleap Only if it's kept free. These guys appear to be caging it.

@stux We need a good response to anyone who makes some claim that Trump invented his own Social network, something that is courteous, but robust enough to put them in their place.

What about: "Do you beleive that Bielefeld exists, too?"


Well, looks like it is time for the FSF to do the main thing it is charity money is used for, suing companies that cross them.

@jmw150 @stux

Well I think this is about sticking up for all free software users otherwise everyone else will just think it is fine to violate any free license, be it GPL, AGPL, Creative Commons etc.

Never expected other than lies from that side....


Truth Social LOL
"Truth" being "Pravda" in Russian

I'm tempted to allow a temporary backdoor in mastodon for this very specific purpose 😂

@stux none of this surprises me. the orange cheeto is a bandito many times over.

Mastodont sounds like the perfect name for a toothpaste brand.


@stux The ip whois for is

ping -c1
PING ( 56(84)


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