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I am a code warrior, currently retooling away from that so as to code in my spare time. I am a fan of spicy things and tea, specifically green. I was on until that bit the dust. Re

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Today is my first started use Misskey day!
I love Misskey forever

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@caranmegil B...but what about decentralization? I think it fits perfectly. has been very busy recently, I guess @datatitian wouldn't be too unhappy for some load removal.


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Good news everyone: there is another #GuppeGroups fork available at

Shoutout and thanks to @feditips for the hint, @caranmegil for running and @datatitian for running

Numbers in paranthesis are number of members/posts.
No links given to not spam groups.

Visit page or enter "" or "" into the search bar to find and subscribe, mention a group to create it on the fly.


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Gosh, I'm famous, I've got 2 followers already🙂

That's enough moderate moderation for now. Hopefully can catch up later

moderation is difficult. especially on high sign up instances like this one.

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@caranmegil @igwigg Exactly! So they can interact with each other (maybe, i dnno) and keep us alone :blobcatgiggle:

Reminder that those who made a fivem RP account on this server, you're violating the server rules explicitly set forth in the rules. However, doesn't have such restrictions. In fact, it was set up for it.

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tired of being a fivem rper and getting kicked off instances because of it? well, have i got a place for you! join the fediverse on a specifically targeted instance for fivem rp. no one will be kicked off unless they use too much resources or they violate the server rule. it's name?

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@caranmegil Usual sources confirm that the One Ring elopes with the White House and meows the machine gun.

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what will be the big surprise of 2022?

At least the spammers are being brutally honest. They want to advertise their servers

They're not even getting creative in their account names anymore

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for your work on a Big thank you @stux ! 💕❤

thank you @JonathanMBR for the first lesson.🤓💕

☑ boost welcome

i'll continue to be the financial backbone and thank you for interest. please visit the non profit website and report bugs and ideas to @stux / @Stuxhost

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@caranmegil you may do so i dedicate that phrase to the public domain

i like that it also makes it clear that its "only" a resistance increase and not full immunity as some seem to think it is

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