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I am a code warrior, currently retooling away from that so as to code in my spare time. I am a fan of spicy things and tea, specifically green. I was on until that bit the dust. Re

Whoa! It has just been super, mega, ultra busy lately.

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How is your day going? ๐Ÿ—ณ๏ธ #poll #mastodon #fediverse

Diffusers aren't really good for curing disease. However, they are good at curing bathroom smells!

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M'aiq does not understand why mages are obsessed with setting things on fire.

just engaged in a ton of phone calls and conferences from a certain smart ear buds. now that they've fixed all the issues (never buy brand new tech i tell myself and others.
yet i do), it's a fun device for controlling conversations and interrupting the music that i listen to during the day.

Good morning . What a wonderful day I hope we all have ahead of us/had before us!

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you're reading that right - incompetence levels are at 96%

(96%) โ– โ– โ– โ– โ– โ– โ– โ– โ– โ–ก

i find it funny that people are now talking about going password free. i remember, one night after locking myself out while sobering up, i dreamed of an app that you could just send messages to and it would act as a log in. so much was my drive that i wrote one for my previous employer. it never went any where and people avoided me when i asked about the status of the legal check. no matter. password-less logins are finally the future today.

So yes. The quiz in my finance class. I studied for it continuously for 4 hours before the exam memorizing identities. Got it back. Definitely passed it. I probably shouldn't press my luck on the next one

to add to it...the only time i could find moments to study were in the last 2 hours and yesterday evening and a few hours on sunday. when worlds collide...

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yay! 2 hours until the quiz time. really stressing on this one because it doesn't appear to be open book, open note like all my other courses have been.

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I've tried every kind of pill there was- only to realize I was eating a bag of Skittles...

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hope you all are having or have had a great sunday!

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i hate code reviews. thankfully it's all zoom and i had the foresight to turn off my camera. i fell asleep on multiple occasions because my colleagues are boring to listen to sometimes.

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It is Friday again! That means almost weekend!

Why don't you start on that website you always wanted? ;-)

wishes you a nice weekend!

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