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Today I learned about profesional English to Klingon translation?


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🎂🍰 Anniversary! 🍰 🎂

Exactly a year ago, I started to draw daily. Most of the time it was fun, sometimes it was stressful, but I never regretted it. There is something liberating about posting your work online - not only if you're proud of it, but also if you think it looks shitty, and I probably wouldn't have made it without people to share it with.

Thank you for letting me be part of this community! 😘

Unwritten rule of motherboards: every computer generates a random key on boot to trigger the bootmenu (and another one for EFI).

Got multi-threading and IPC working perfectly in the server. Feels so good…

The story of humanity being replaced with robots like in King Gizzard & Lizard Wizard may be fiction, but the line "JavaScript person" sounds too realistic.

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On one hand I think I know what "public timelines" are, mentioned in toot publishing levels, but on the other, I never know if I know it right.

Is "public timeline" just local and federated feeds or?

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Police and other groups who are particularly tech-savvy can easily figure out which songs result in videos being removed and use that knowledge to keep speech they don't like offline.

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Did quite a bit of work on the UI of today.

You can simultaneously wait for the server to get you in the game and browse menus or change settings.

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So I scrolled down to unsubscribe, yeah there was a link. The website requires me to type my e-mail and has an ugly stretched up low-res texture button (which is just some text in a blue frame, why make this an image?)

Well fine.

"Please wait up to 7-10 business days for us to process your request."

This should be illegal, fucking bullshit.

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I don't recall ever receiving a newsletter from Samsung before. And I'm sure I never agreed to receiving any.

And just now I've got a newsletter e-mail from "Samsung Account". I deleted my Samsung account a few months ago. ???

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Here's a new blog post about Samerion development. First one about programming — it's specifically about the programming languages and environments I tried to work with before finding the perfect one.

What the fuck. I just looked into the request logs of my server and I have 80 000 spam requests made in the last 20 days, a few new ones every minute! Each is nearly identical and I have no idea why would they press on.

Requests are like "/sockjs/149/b9tc1j3h/xhr_send"

I don't use sockjs nor any JavaScipt in general, just saying

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