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There is some dickhead academic at Melbourne Uni who has made a website with a form for people to submit evidence of “men invading women-only spaces” and the web form seems to submit straight to their email without sanity checks and it would be a real shame if a someone, say a friend of mine, hooked it up to an infinite loop posting random paragraphs of slashfic every 20 seconds.

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The Arch experience:

1. Update entire system
2. Reboot with new kernel
3. New updates available!

...and I actually love it for that 🤗

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Wrote a few helpers to let me change the code on left to the code on right. So much better…

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looks like a very interesting protocol, this comes from someone who wrote a "simple" HTTP server.

My website must get Gemini support.

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IMO we should somehow make Twitter aware of this, but I doubt they will listen.

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will probably be a very shitty social media service:

clearly isn't aware decentralized social media exists, so there's no chance it'll be complaint with . It won't integrate with Mastodon nor any other social media.

And most users will probably keep their accounts on the mother instance,

Given Twitter's marketing power and the fact Twitter will move to BlueSky, it will instantly become *much* more popular than Mastodon.

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Definitely what goes strong against this is that Mastodon accounts are basically public, while e-mail isn't.

Social media accounts are disposable and many delete them once in a while, me included.

Also adds bonus points for surveillance possibilities.

So no, e-mail is still the #1 here for those reasons.

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Not sure how would it work when it comes to security though… although neither Mastodon nor e-mail is E2E (most of the time at least) so there shouldn't be a big difference.

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Idea: Using Mastodon account as an alternative to e-mail for password reset.

E-mail works until you decide that you don't want to use a certain provider anymore (Gmail as an obvious example). It's easy to lose an account if you change your e-mail.

Mastodon (and maybe other Fediverse services too) has a special account migration feature. A website using Mastodon for password reset could check for migrations in order to find the new recipient.

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Models and animations are working. The implementation isn't really complete and has bugs, but that's to fix later. For now I'll move on and make resource editor — it will make it easier to catch those bugs later.

has a currency called Arx, and one can get up to 400 of it weekly and the limit resets every Thursday… I reached the limit on Friday. I think I'm playing too much.

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