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At 188 decibels, the whistle of the blue whale is the loudest sound produced by any animal.

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In loving memory of Patrick Archibald @pla Obituary - Summerville, South Carolina - J. Henry Stuhr West Ashley Chapel

Dead Dik diks! 

“Three suspected poachers were on Saturday arrested in Galana, Voi, Kilifi County in latest war waged against bush meat.

Part of the illegal meat was seized following swing operations between KWS, Galana Agricultural Development Corporation and other organizations fighting poaching.”

Dedan Kimathi and his brother Wambararia in 1953. This photo was left outside a British military camp in Muranga. Kimathi realized the colonialists didn't have a picture of him, so he decided to leave this one at their military gate, so that they can have an image of the most wanted.

Habt ihr je überlegt wieviel in den Kropf einer #Ringeltaube passt?



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Six soldiers from British army regiment that accidentally set fire to 12,000 acres of Kenyan bush could be dismissed from the service after testing positive for cocaine.

Soldiers face sack after positive cocaine tests | News | The Times

Rwanda is like a very pretty girl with a lot of makeup, perfect teeth, perfect hair, perfect everything. They spend so much time on the image because they know the inside is dark and dirty.

—Diane Rwigara
(Rwandese government critic)

Giraffes spend most of their lives standing up. They even sleep and give birth standing up.

A giraffe’s spots are much like human fingerprints. No two individual giraffes have exactly the same pattern.

My pupils are very happy with that fact.

Happy .

NFL players already take preventative measures to not break a leg. Called protective gear. Maybe this guy's heard of it.

"Die living" all you want. I'm pretty sure that's how we all go. But you don't have the right to take other people out with you.

He insinuated later that "God" will take care of it. If you're so inclined, "God" sent you scientists, doctors, and a vaccine.

What the hell else did you want?

Unvaccinated NFL player rips league's COVID-19 rules: 'I'd rather die actually living'-

I love watching the flow of troubleshooting thoughts, reactions, suggestions and (usually) solutions which flow along my timeline from those I follow.

Fediverse power!

4 утра, ложимся спать.

это был длинный день, завтра подъём в 8:30


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Happy to all fathers... Sorry to those rendered fatherless by Covid-19 or any other cause.

“The National Agricultural Land Development Authority has said that it has harvested over 30,000 litres of rabbit urine and 1,000 kilograms of rabbit droppings for fertilizer production in the country. Farmers using rabbit urine in the production save on pesticide and fertilizer costs as the liquid offer major nutrients required by crops.”

Rabbit Urine the New Liquid Gold for Nigerian Farmers -

The African Wild Dog – that the entire pack of wild dogs is involved in the care of their pups? Both
males and females babysit the pups and even regurgitate meat for nursing females and their pups!
Some animals deserve celebrations of and everyday.

Male ostrich (cock/rooster) perform a dance to attract females(hens)

Their feathers are brightly colored as compared to hens. While performing the dance he crouches and sways his wings from side to side.

Male Ostrich sit and incubate eggs for 60 days and raise up chicks, male ostrich also deserve

📹 credit: Paras Chandaria

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