Nigeria's self-proclaimed prophet TB Joshua had earlier this year, predicted that the coronavirus pandemic would be over by 27 March.

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> I heard my Mother asking our neighbour for some
Salt. I asked her why she was asking them as we
already have salt at home.

> She replied, "It's because they are always asking
us for things; they are poor. So I thought I'd ask
something smal! from them so as not burden
them, but at the same time make them feel as if
we need them too. That way it'll be much easier
for them to ask us for anything they need from


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Kenyan runner Abel Kiprop Mutai was only a few meters from the finish line, but got confused with the signs and stopped, thinking he had finished the race.

A Spanish man, Ivan Fernandez was right behind him and, realizing what was going on, started shouting to the Kenyan to keep running. Mutai did not know Spanish and did not understand. Realizing what was going on, Fernandez pushed Mutai to victory.

Rock Garden - Chogoria, Tharaka-Nithi County, Kenya. Photo by Mits Kimiti

As small as they are, the Oxypecker play a huge role in ecosystem by removing irritating pests that can spread disease on elephants.

wer lagert so grosse mengen ammoniumnitrat? #beirut ein paar kilo werden beinahe täglich zum bombenbau verwenden. das weiß jedes kind, dass man das nicht lagert.... 🤦‍♂️

Pyramids in Egypt light up with the Lebanese flag in solidarity of the massive explosion & subsequent loss of life in Beirut

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