Maybe good to do a little also :blobcatgiggle:​ Never done that before :catblush:

Well uh.. meow! I am stux, I’m from the where I live with my girlfriend and our two little cats called & Washington or for short! We’ve adopted them from the streets and they’re named by people here on the :blobcatgiggle:

Like my gf, I just became 29 years old and I have a huge love for , , and more nerd related stuff 😇 Over two years ago I started as a replacement for my former mainstream social media since it became hell. Since than I have expanded with other services like Misskey, Pixelfed, PeerTube, Matrix and so much more!

Since about a year now I quit my (terrible) job at a telecom company where I worked in customer support, I couldn’t stand the yelling anymore.. so I started my own business! It’s called♥️ @Stuxhost

My goal in life is to change the world, like many others I guess🫣

@stux @Stuxhost The James Webb Space Telescope will be operational soon. What a time to be alive! 😄

@stux Customer support is so hard sometimes.

I worked at a pizzeria when I was younger. People would act like it was life or death over their orders if we got it wrong :flan_tired:

@Jonsnow93 And I have the BEST neighbour in the hoooood! :blobcatgiggle::party:

Thanks for the introduction. I wish I knew half the things you know regarding hosting.

Hail to you brother of metal, and sylicon, and bytes, and SYN, and ACK...


@stux @Stuxhost oh wow! I just adopted two street cats & called them Bruce & Willis

Here in France we launched ; it is the French word for "kitten" and also an acronym for "decentralized and ethical web services hosters". Have a look.

@stux @Stuxhost So happy for you homie !!! Love everything you do on here ❤️

@stux @Stuxhost welcome! nice to have you here! what is your peertube instance?

@stux @Stuxhost To change the world is in my mind a bit over ambitious. Change the world into what? And do all the other people want that world too? No, i don't think i or anyone else can or should try to change the world on their own or in a group. My ambitions are much more modest in the democratic tradition. I believe i can and should let my voice be heard inbetween all the other voices. And hopefully it tilts public opinion somewhat towards a better world.

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