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Managed Nextcloud Hosting!

A safe place for all your personal or business files and communication on your own terms.

• Mobile & Desktop Apps
• Nextcloud Talk
• Share & Collaborate
• Send & Receive Email
• Manage Your Calendar
• File Access Control
• Collabora Online
• Task Manager
• CalDAV & WebDAV

....and much more!

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At Your Service!

Since January 2021 we are open for the public and at your service. After many years it's time to go professional.

About us:

We are having some issues with the setup of new VPS!

Currently working on the issue❤️

Secure, High Speed VPS Hosting! :cat_7:

Find the perfect Virtual Private Server for your next big or small project! :cat_4:

Cloud VPS Hosting

High quality, powerful Virtual Private Servers for if you looking for something bigger, upgrade or downgrade when needed anytime!

does NOT accept . We also want nothing to do with the planet destroying scam.

A lot of new faces on the :blobhappy:

Did you know that there is also a privacy responsible alternative for services like Dropbox & OneDrive!

It is called :nextcloud:​ You can host your very own server or try out one for free at us :cat_hug_triangle:

More info on Nextcloud:

All profits are going back into :mastodon::blobcathug:

We offer hosting packages for everyone :party:

For basic websites and no tech knowhow managed webhosting is the most easy and affordable for you:

If you are looking for something more powerful and to your own specification a virtual private server would be more up your alley:

Happy hosting days! :stuxhost::blobcathearts:

Do you want to gather opinions from people without compromising their privacy?

You can use your own @nextcloud instance to do surveys by installing the free #Nextcloud Forms app from your settings menu.

They are really flexible and customisable, and it means you don't have to give your data to Google or anyone else.

You can get a fully managed Nextcloud server from lots of places including @Stuxhost here on the Fedi, and more are listed at

#GrowYourOwn #SelfHosting

Yay! Tomorrow I’m gonna teach my gf how to add new products to the store and design them!♥️👌🏻 Hopefully we can make it finally a thing of us two! :blobcathearts:​ So hold on for some new awesome stuff to our new webshop on tomorrow :blobcatgiggle:

For now it’s time to get some sleep.. :stux::sleep:​ Good night my dear friends! :mastodon::fediverse::blobcathearts::blobcathug:​❤️

Migrate your files to :nextcloud: today! Tryout our 30-days free trail package with full access to all apps installed

Perhaps we should add managed hosting to ? This would mean no installation or server updates for the end user but enjoying a super fast WordPress CMS without the hassle..

What do you think?

I've added a new managed hosting provider to the list, @Stuxhost!

They have @nextcloud managed hosting with a free time-limited option for people who want to try it out, and paid options for those who want to go ahead and make their own cloud:

#Nextcloud is a really useful personal cloud service that lets you share files, chat to people, collaborate on projects and lots more stuff through the free add-on apps (

#SelfHosting #GrowYourOwn

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