@stux Did you know anti-vaccines campaigns are the most liked and shared on Facebook 😂 ?

@stux@mstdn.social I wonder if someone's tested whether that applies to Pleroma/Misskey/Pixelfed as well, or just Mastodon

@sfr @stux I was warned for sharing forest nature photos I captured in 2019, this is not a surprised to me after that.

@JonathanMBR @sfr @stux still wondering why people are surprised that companies who’s business model gets destroyed by open networks are blocking advertising for it. It’s their nature. I wouldn’t do differently if I was Facebook. Advertising for handcrafted furniture on the IKEA customers board wouldn’t work either. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@stux my isp does the same when I try to check offers from their competitors... nuh uh... no good... everything went back to normal when I started using DOH 😄

@stux classic.
@changeling told me they also censored material speaking against ABA.
Evil people.

@stux Maybe they just really dislike prehistoric elephant/mammoth species.

@stux @admin dentro de poco no va a haber debate de si es conveniente o no "predicar" en el infierno, porque directamente no se va a poder.

Es lamentable que pese a todo estas redes sigan teniendo tantos usuarios.

@bogart @stux no tienen tantos Bogart 😂 Es su mantra que sigue manteniendoles donde están.
La mayoría son bots, spam, cuentas repetidas por baneo, cuentas inactivas...

En el fondo no hay tanta gente en esa cloaca de red social 😂

@stux try to write this on Facebook
"I go on holidays with people from niger"... you can get banned for that...

creepy platform... poor victims there...

fediverse rulez!!!

@ale Let’s say it’s different :) Better is a big word lol

@stux i started with mastodon... and pleroma in parallel... then i kicked mastodon, because i like to write long text...

then i tried Friendica again... (tried it some years ago...) and now i'm on friendica. and peertube, and funkwhale, and pixelfed, snd plume, and....

fediverse is great!!
@juanro49 Estoy por abrirme cuenta nada más que para trolear.... Uf, que pensamiento mas malo acaba de pasar por mi mente, abrirme cuenta en FB "vade retro satanás" (haciendo la cruz con.los dedos 😂) @stux @admin @nogafam

@juanro49 @stux @admin @nogafam Mobilizon has also been censored in my experience

@stux I "deleted" my Facebook account today... Maybe this is the right choice

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