@stux The modern tech world sucks, change my mind

Hacking attempt daily.

Data stolen or leaked somewhere daily.

Ransomware attacks almost daily.....

Noone cares about privacy or related laws anymore.......

Überlegt es euch dreimal ob ihr bei Burger King und Co. essen solltet:


PS: Das Video wird wahrscheinlich sehr bald Premium und kostenpflichtig weil se nurnoch geldgeil sind....

China is on their best way to turn into a secondary North Korea.......

Bibliogram as alternative Instagram frontend has been discontinued, anyone wanna make a replacement?

Guess we have go back to a VW Trabant or something if we dont want the manufacturer to know we love metal music, where were driving, parking or our overall driving habits......
Would also help the chip shortage cause theres barely any chips in them too.

Why does every bloody device with a single microchip in it these years have to minimum collect data about anyone using it or even at worst phone all of that data home to the manufacturer without any user even knowing about it or the option to shut it off?

How messed up has this world gotten by now?

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Announcing Nextcloud Hub 3!

🎨 Brand new design
🖼️ Photos 2.0 with editor and AI
📊 Polls and widgets in Talk
💌 Mail 2.0
🚀 30% faster app loading


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Hello Fediverse! :fediverse:

We are LittleLink-Custom, an open source, self-hosted, plug-and-play, highly customizable link sharing platform - kind of a direct alternative to LinkTree.

We will use this account to notify you of updates and to your answer questions.
We also plan to crosspost over to the birdsite :birdsite:​, but we will keep the posts here original.

Currently two of us are here on the fedi & maintaining this account:
@JulianPrieber & @MagicLike

Let's see, what the future brings 🌄


"You´re dead meat, MAYA!" - Jimmy Hall, At Dead of Night

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