Little FYI;

I am NOT earning ANYTHING from 😉 In fact it's the opposite, Every week I work about 40-50 hours for a company so I can earn money and pay for the servers, domain, media storage and email services and don't get me wrong. I'm VERY happy to do that ❤️ and I will NOT stop doing that for a long time!

We do get donations and that's a BIG help! But still I need to pay much from my own pocket so keep that in mind. We are not a company, we are not Twitter, we drive on ! ❤️

@Barbie_kalai @stux என்ன புள்ளடா,கொஞ்சம் முன்கோபம்..
விடு நம்ம ஆளூதான..மறந்துடுவான்.

@Barbie_kalai @stux சமாதான புறா பறக்க விட்டுடு..அவ்ளோதான் ..

@Barbie_kalai No, don't worry 😉 You said sorry and that's enough for me! ❤️ I will leave this for future user request in the hope that they can understand why it can take a little longer for me 🙂 We are all good girl! ❤️

@Donal @stux ponnunu sonna udane heartin vidriya da salli... 😜😜

@stux Please ignore such "requests". Focus on the core of your service. You are doing an amazing job. :)

@stux No. But then it's pretty easy to be taken for granted. All you have to do is something good twice, and people will start taking you for granted.

Not at all, Nanba! (Friend, in Tamil). First Security Needs, then Social Needs. Abraham Maslow's Theory of Hierarchical Needs! 😊

You are doing great job.
Keep it up.

Zero tolerance to those who issue such threats

You are not wrong Stux.
That kind of asking is almost threat like.
We go with what a platform provides and whatever improvements we get.
We can ask, nicely.
Upto admins, what can be provided and as per resources.
What I needed was bookmark and I got it on

You are absolutely right.


Just make a tutorial on how to make emojis or if its available online put up a link for it on a pinned toot.

Don’t spoon feed the community.

Tomorrow they will ask you to wash their clothes and change their diapers aslo 😅

(But can non admins even make emojis?)


@Full_marx That's the 'problem'. Only admins can add custom emoji and for good reasons 😉

If we get too many the loading time will be huge on the emoji picker.. And we don't want any racist emoji and such.. 🙂


@stux this is true atleast on with large collection of animated emojis. Who doesn't want to have loads of emoji options, but loading them and refreshing them is crazy long. There has to be better caching ttl instructions of sorts from server to client. @Full_marx @KnottedBow

@Full_marx I also had that idea for a perk on Patreon or something but then I'll create a barrier I'm afraid between paying and non-paying users and I don't want that 😉 @KnottedBow

@stux @KnottedBow now if that's not equality and fairness then what is ?👏👏👏👏👏

@stux @KnottedBow


Hammer and Sickles Everywhere.

The platform is open to everyone and its usage doesn’t depend on wether or not you’re paying or non paying.

It is a fair system.

But an emoji is a perk. Having it or not having it doesn’t affect the way you can use the system. It doesn’t affect free speech.

All it does is burden you and create stress.

Hammer and sickle systems fail eventually.

Your efforts have a price, please demand it.

@Full_marx Ah man! That's so nicely said.. Now I'm going to rethink it..! ❤️

@stux dont worry..ignore those type of threats

@stux Absolutely not. You are doing an amazing job.

To threaten to leave, because his request was not actioned right away, in a service that he is enjoying for free and which doesn’t sell his data or sell him ads!! What entitlement 😜 What audacity

@stux sorry some ppl can be self oriented. Keep up your good work :thinkerguns:

@stux thanks a million for this :batman: out of all the super heroes it had to be my you loads :underheart:

@stux /r/choosingbeggars would like to have a conversation with you. Please share your experience there.

@stux ignore them, we all know you want to do the best for the community. You don't have to honor every request. You have my support and every one else's who knows this. :)

@stux you are one of the favourite instance admins here. You do more than your bit. Am sorry sometimes we go overboard with entitlements, you are not obliged to serve individual requests. Do polls for repeated requests and unless 100 plus users agree don’t do it

@Deepsealioness @stux 100 from because only users on that domain will get to use that emoji. The rest can express their feelings of being offended for various reasons. 😛


@stux I've honestly been feeling really bad for you cause most new user have migrated over for a very different reason than usual and have no idea about the concept of foss or how it even works. I'm not sure why they think you're benefiting from this , and if they don't, then the demands are even more rude. Not to mention the donations required. This makes me angry. I get that everyone like a little extra features but this is not cool.

@stux No, you are not. I hate to say this but a lot of Indians have the habit of being choosing beggars. They ca behave like they are entitled to something while not being polite about it. So, I'd say ignore or mute those people.

:blobsnuggle: Hugs.

Keep it up, ignore those entitled scumbags. You doing good :blobthumbsup:

@stux you have created a beautiful place. Thank you for your great work.

Really sad that this had to be said.
You continue to do what you do, please.
It's really sweet of you to address everyone's concern too, even though some come across as mean.

@stux I'm not a member of your instance, but I appreciate your work, efforts & creativity, in building an instance with extra custom features, & added personal friendliness. You are giving more than you have to, & that's as good as it gets. Ty.


I pay a few dllrs a month to my instance admin;
I think all users should be able to afford spending only one dllr/mo.

❤️ Please support your admins ❤️

@stux Thank you for your service ! 😊😊😊

@stux not only you we too are here. Doing for Social & Community! No earning but a satisfaction while setting a thing community is above everything. :buddha:

This posting from @stux perfectly outlines the dichotomy of Mastodon. The overwhelming majority of instances are privately operated and that presents some benefits and challenges.

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