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1. When you are reporting someone's profile, please report ONLY ONCE and with proper context (with links to toots) as to why we should take an action on that profile.

2. Please understand that real humans are handling your reports, and reporting someone multiple times only adds to the workload for moderators.

3. Please refer to our CoC when reporting a profile/toot:

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To all the new members: A hearty welcome to! ☺️

Post about yourself using hashtag and feel free to engage with your fellow members!

FYI: @stux is our Admin on this Instance. Also, please go through the CoC:

Have fun! 🙋‍♂️

Fuck verification, just enjoy the platform and being as free and equal as everyone else

In the beginning I created the heaven and the earth.

It's pretty much been downhill from there.

New to Mastodon? Here's something that might help you understand how it works.

Hmm.. I really wanna upgrade the server for better performance.. :mastodon: :mastodon_oops:

Maybe a little shout-out for your support❤️ Every little bit helps us a lot :ablobcaramelldansen:


A BIG thank you to @tanujlakhina for supporting on ! :patreon: ❤️

Let's welcome @DerekOBrien - author, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) - to !

Good to see you here, Derek ☺️🙏



I just dropped the tick ✅ from my handle here on Mastodon. Here's why...

JUST IN: The President of India Ram Nath Kovind signs off on the order imposing President's rule in Maharashtra.

Hello again, fellow #mastodon #india #history #nerd s! Today I'll bring my thread on hero-stones and warfare to a conclusion with the most iconic of all Indian military components: the war elephant.

I recommend #Mastodon to consider adding 'Quote-Toot' as a feature. Otherwise, we have no option to opine over what someone has to say, while tooting it for the followers to see. Cc: @Gargron

Okay #India #introduction again.
I toot life observations channeling #philosophy, #creativity, #psychology and #humor.
Everything is fair game, from 4th seat domineering aunty on the local train to chest-thumping uncles running political parties.
I studied at a bunch of 'premier institutions' when I was younger (those coveted 3 letter ones). I've worked on a range of issues, from Wall Street to water and sanitation in Bihar/ UP.
Follow me if you'd like to be entertained, provoked and amused.

Introduction for #India Twitter and Mastodon. Hi I'm Anuya, a screenwriter and co-founder of @booksontoast, a YouTube channel + community for readers. I like people and books and TV and comedy and dancing to Bollywood music and cats and would very much want this to be a callout culture/ hate speech free place. I believe that if you don't like something - unfollow and move on and if you don't understand something - don't share opinions on it. Forgiveness, empathy and evolution are also imp imo!

I don't think you guys realise that it's not Twitter or Mastodon that's the problem.


Hello Academic Tooters (#AcaTooters), as promised, this is my first thread for desi academics (thought not limited to) who want to connect with each other in this new space, and create a virtual support system. Please introduce yourself under here with your name, field, area of research, geographical location (optional). Once we have the thread going, I'll create a list.
Will be also holding future threads on conference, publishing, writing, and other #AcaWoes you can think of.
Boost and tag!

After Anurag Kashyap, Kushboo Sundar C the south Indian actress and INC's national spokesperson quits Twitter saying it's filled with negativity and toxic.

Hate in India has no limits. Hope she discovers @Mastodon soon

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