The best way to post an image on Mastodon:

1. Write your post and attach the image by clicking on the paperclip 📎

2. Don't press Toot yet! Instead, click on "Edit" in the corner of the image.

3. Move the circle so that the 16:9 preview looks nice. This is especially important on images that are portrait or square orientations.

4. Add a text description in the box, so that people browsing in audio will know what is in the image. (A lot of blind people browse the internet in audio through screen readers. Image text also gives you a chance to add details beyond your character limit.)

5. When you've done all that, click "Apply" and then "Toot!"

6. You can read image descriptions by hovering the mouse over the image after posting.


On Firefox for iPhone, if you enlarge the image by tapping once, and then tap again and keep pressing the image, the alt text along with some options should appear.

I don't know how Android handles it...?

@feditips @RyunoKi
On my android mobile I can see all image description since I don't let image previews automatically show in the timeline (it's a profile option).
But I use tusky so 🤷

Ah, found it in Fedilab!

Had to open the lightbox with the image.
Force push ala iOS had no effect (Android 10).

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