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If you want to repost any of these hints in your own language, please feel free!

They are meant to be spread as far as possible πŸ‘

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You can discover interesting accounts to follow on Mastodon and the rest of the Fediverse at:

➑️ @FediFollows

You can watch interesting videos from across the Fediverse at:

➑️ @FediVideos

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If you are new to Mastodon, there's a good official video that explains how it works: (on PeerTube) (on YouTube)

The video was made in 2018 so the user figures are a bit out of date, there are now several million on Mastodon and the Fediverse.

If you are new to Mastodon, there's a good official video that explains how it works: (on PeerTube) (on YouTube)

The video was made in 2018 so the user figures are a bit out of date, there are now several million on Mastodon and the Fediverse.

If you use Friendica to access the Fediverse, you can also use it as an RSS feed reader.

Just search for any RSS address within Friendica, and it will appear in search results as though it's a Fediverse user. You will then be able to follow it, and its contents will appear in your timeline just like a user's posts would.

You can subscribe to any Mastodon account through RSS if you prefer.

1. Go to the Mastodon account's public page (click on an account's profile image to open its public page)

2. Copy the page's URL, and add .rss to the end of it (for example becomes

3. Use this new URL in your favourite RSS feed reading software

Note this only shows public toots. Replies and restricted visibility posts will not appear in the feed.

If you're posting a video on PeerTube, it's a good idea to give it lots of relevant tags.

Tags on PeerTube are interpreted by Mastodon etc as hashtags, and people will be able to find your video more easily.

However, be aware that tags with spaces in them are ignored by Mastodon etc, even though PeerTube allows them.

To make sure people can find your video, only use tags without spaces. For multiple words, use CamelCase.

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Good Morning :blobcatcoffee:

FundOSS is matching OpenCollective donations for #Pixelfed today, please donate if you can! 😁

If there is an account on Mastodon where you you really don't want to miss a post, you can follow it more closely by adding notifications.

Go to the account's profile, then click the πŸ”” button next to the follow button. This will make notifications appear every time there's a new post from that account.

(If you follow an account without the bell button, the posts will still appear in your feed but you won't get a notification when they do.)

On Mastodon, you can add up to four items (text, links or emoji) to your profile using a feature called "Metadata".

Access it by going to:

Preferences > Profile > Appearance > Profile Metadata (click "Save Changes" when you have finished editing)

If you are adding a link, remember to include https:// at the beginning, so that it works properly and is clickable.

You can be creative with Metadata, for example "Pizza" as a label and 🍍 as content.

Write Freely is a Fediverse alternative to Medium.

It's a free open blogging platform that lets you write long articles on the Fediverse, which can be interacted with from Mastodon etc.

You can find an instance to join at

Alternatively, you can set up an instance yourself either directly (instructions here: or through a managed hosting service (for example

PixelFed is the Fediverse's alternative to Instagram, with a similar interface and range of features.

Because it's part of the Fediverse, you can follow PixelFed accounts from Mastodon and vice versa.

There's more info on the official site at and there's a list of instances to join at

The web interface is good, and there's an unofficial Android app PixelDroid available through F-Droid.

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FediFollows has been on the #Fediverse for one year! πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‚

A huge thank you to everyone who suggested accounts so far, and to the accounts themselves πŸ‘

Hand-curated directories are often seen as old-fashioned, but I think they have a role in getting people started on new decentralised social media.

FediFollows currently has 2.3K followers across a wide range of instances, so even people who don't follow me are more likely to see these interesting accounts in their hashtag searches.

Go Fedi!

You can use Mastodon in 77 different langugages and dialects.

Choose your language by going to:

Preferences > Appearance > Interface Language (click "Save Changes" after picking the language you want)

The translations are done by volunteers from around the world. You can help translate Mastodon at

is down, so why not take a look at its Fediverse alternative @LemmyDev :lemmy:

The flagship instance is at

To see the URL of a Fediverse profile, click on the profile's picture (avatar). This should open the profile in a new window on its home instance. Copy this new window's URL.

To see the URL of a post, click on the date next to it. This should open the post in a new window on its home instance. Copy this new window's URL.

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You can force a profile or post to appear on your Fediverse instance by pasting its URL into the search box.

When you click search, it will look for that profile or post on the remote instance and display it on your instance. This makes it easy to interact with it, follow it etc.

This paste-and-search method works on most Fediverse platforms such as Mastodon etc. It is very useful if a post or profile hasn't federated to your instance yet.

You can use the language filter on Mastodon so that you only see posts in your preferred languages.

To use the filter, go to:

Preferences > Other > Filter Languages

Tick all the boxes for languages you want to see, then click Save Changes.

(If you leave all the boxes blank, the filter is switched off. Also note that the filter doesn't affect accounts you follow.)

As Mastodon is built on open standards, anyone can write an app for it, and there are lots of different ones to choose from.

You can find a list of Mastodon apps for Android, iPhone/iPad, Linux, Mac, Windows and more at

(Of course you can just use your web browser if you prefer)

HomeTown (as offered by SpaceBear above) is a fork of Mastodon which allows you to post local toots that can only be read on your instance.

You can find out more about HomeTown from the project site at:

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You can run your own Fediverse instance without technical knowledge by using a managed hosting service.

They do setup, installation, software updates etc, while you do everything else.

SpaceBear offers Mastodon, PixelFed, PeerTube and HomeTown instances, more info at

Masto.Host offers Mastodon instances, more info at

Hostdon offers Mastodon instances, more info at (in Japanese)

There are several different visibility settings for toots on Mastodon.

You can choose which visibility you want when you are writing a toot, click on the 🌎 icon below the text.

If there is a particular setting you prefer, you can use it as the default setting by going to:

Preferences > Other > Posting Privacy (select which default you want, then click the "Save Changes" button)

Whatever you choose as default, you can always pick another setting when writing a toot.

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