A little something random!

How many cups can you hold with one hand? I’m on 7 :blobcatgiggle:

@Scarlet hahaha no worries :blobcatgiggle: it can be dangerous for the cups

@stux but I have so many cat cups! (seriously though, I've got so many cat cups)

@stux well, to be fair, most were just grabbed from the shelves of stores I went to, with me sneakily adding it to our shopping basket and paying for it.

Then she finds it and is like "are you being serious? :blobcatknife:"

@stux more like how many cups can you break in one go...

@stux i tried 2 once...i dropped the second to grave disaster.

@kranfahrer @stux Thats like the most shameless plug for computertruhe I have ever seen. I like it :blobcatheart:

@Chephe1 @stux Am I on /r/whatcouldgowrong?

With my shakes it's risky enough picking up one :D.

@Chephe1 @stux Und im Hintergrund lächeln die Oktoberfest-Bedienungen.

@stux uhhhh...I'd be afraid that I'd break them. We have already lost a lot of coffee cups around here....

@calculsoberic Haha okayyy :blobcatgiggle: I dont mind, i didnt got any reply about that or DM so..

@stux I say that because they responded and then the toot disappeared, maybe they just deleted it. Ah well, it's not affecting me anymore.

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