@stux We were just talking about this this morning! (Well, being media savvy specifically.)

@calculsoberic Ahh yess! It totally depends on what platform you are I guess. Stuff like Facebook keeps you down the rabbithole once you go a certain way, on the Fedi that is different I noticed

@stux Did you hear Gab was DDoSed yesterday? (or they were offline for a long period of time, at least.)

@stux i didn't fact check whether this really happened and yet I shared it, whoops :blobcatgiggle:


It feels like the internet is a lot healthier when you pause before sharing or reacting to anything, I mean literally never doing instant shares or instant likes or instant comments.

Even a few minutes thinking time can help you avoid falling into the 😡 trap, not just about politics but things in general.

It would be interesting if there was a fork of Mastodon where you literally couldn't interact with a post for a few minutes after you've first seen it.


It's like instant reactions on social media bypass our intellectual capacity, channel some kind of primitive violent rage from before we evolved proper brains.

@feditips @stux There is no reason to restrict every user. A plugin would do the job even better. As it being opt in would allow for it to work on every instance.

@feditips @stux when combined with sentiment analysis, you could probably compare two groups--one with a forced delay and one without--and see if the community becomes "healthier".

It would be interesting if toxicity/health of a community was optimized by social media companies as much as they optimize for engagement.

@peder @feditips @stux You could also have a third group, testing the EUNOMIA project, if that is still a thing. I red about it on the Mastodon blog, and found it pretty interesting. A lot of the times it'd probably help to just see the origin of the information as well as opinions from multiple sources, it'd also make a lot of people think about it more, before they share it.

@peder @stux

They would make no money from health so a for-profit organisation would never do this. It would have to be some kind of outside monitoring and regulation.

Also a lot of users (most users?) wouldn't want a delay like this, so there's danger of self-selection (people who want delay being more thoughtful anyway?).

Perhaps a basic problem of the internet that it allows instant information retrieval and transmission, depriving us of the healthy thinking time from older media :(

There's a very helpful tutorial on YouTube..DingDash tutorial. It is not long , it helps getting you started.

@stux: Before dropping off FB I used to push the idea that for any post that someone would share to also find an additional source from a traditional (FOX would count too) source that gave detail. My conservative friends hated this idea and one common thread was, "but I don't have the TIME to search google for the same story. And I can't find it most of the times." That should be their clue but they seem to not think that means it was false because it fits their narrative.

@stux F*@# Yes! It's not that hard to do either. The world would actually be a much healthier and safer place of everyone were to check their facts before sharing. This should be taught in schools like they do in Finland, I believe. :twilightsmile:

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