@stux We were just talking about this this morning! (Well, being media savvy specifically.)

@calculsoberic Ahh yess! It totally depends on what platform you are I guess. Stuff like Facebook keeps you down the rabbithole once you go a certain way, on the Fedi that is different I noticed

@stux Did you hear Gab was DDoSed yesterday? (or they were offline for a long period of time, at least.)


@calculsoberic @stux Gab is intermittently down every day. For like a week.

Their site is written laughably poorly, so they absolutely cannot scale it without fixing their terrible code.

I never really bothered to look at their website until I heard about how bad it was. Now I regularly try to load the front page just to feel schadenfreude when the page fails to load.


@rune @calculsoberic Haha yes! It's very bad shit.. At the start I kept an eye out on what they had changed and wow it only took a turn for the worse in so many ways..


@stux @calculsoberic I was curious so I ended up on a post and it just took like 3 minutes before it finished loading.

When I investigated it, it turns out, they loaded 3700 comments because I clicked in on a post. No pagination. 700KB of comments that I didn't even read.

And every single person who has commented on that thread has loaded the comments. Plus all the people who didn't comment, but maybe wanted to read the first 3 comments.


@rune Whaha! For a while they also didn't had auto-refresh so you needed to reload the page for new posts etc :bloblaugh:


@stux @rune Yeah I'm glad that I'm not the only one doing this for fun.
Pretty funny that the only things people give them praise for, like the multitasking layout, are all code copied from Mastodon and that's how the who thing feels, like someones school project, built by putting together code one was able to find elsewhere, with some edits to make it barely work together.
I was also going theatre to laugh at Andies egotistical pics, where he paints himself as some kind of a biblical hero.


@TheCanine @stux Ah, that's gold. I can only imagine we'll get some hilarious video content when tv.gab.com takes off.

I mean, surely they can't get away with exclusively broadcasting other peoples stuff, right?


@rune @stux From what I can tell Gab TV was mostly presented as a YouTube alternative, except you have to pay for the premium Gab membership to get your own channel there. So they probably hope that you'll find the 999 identical videos about "election fraud" entertaining enough to dump your cable tv and just watch them rant all day every day.


@TheCanine @rune Gab askes money for every basci feature.. instead they ask for donations


@stux @rune Yeah that too, can't imagine joining a social network where you have to pay 15$ a month for the privilege of being able to use half of the things or even being verified.
But also on the topic of Gab TV and video on Gab, I love how broken that is, it never even shows how long the videos are, it shows as 00:01, but than they talk for an hour and some of them don't even play on mobile at all. Really promising product. :blobfoxlaugh:


@TheCanine @stux At first I tried to figure out if it was a fork of something like peertube. But it's just so broken it has to be almost entirely custom 😆


@rune @stux So do you think it was down because there were so many comments and it got overloaded? I was a bit disappointed that it's back online! 😆


@calculsoberic @stux Well, the outage is caused by the huge influx of users. But it would scale much better if they didn't handle each request so inefficiently.

It's still hit and miss whether it loads at all. And the user experience is horribly broken with 8-30 seconds load time being pretty normal.


@rune @stux Maybe this is good, in a way. If the UX is so bad, some people might leave?


@rune although they'd probably just go over to MeWe or wherever else they allow stuff like that. 8kun is the worst I've seen.


@rune Speaking of which, there are lots of other sites like these, it's just that these few are the biggest. I'm trying to build up my resume for a job related to this, and oh man, is it a huge rabbithole.

re: gab 

@Moon @calculsoberic @stux I know they're still releasing code from the Mastodon fork, but is that actually what is running on gab.com?

I'm having a really hard time convincing myself. Both due to the functionality and look being so different, but also just the html code in my browser is so foreign that it's hard to tell if is the fork.

That being said I haven't spent a lot of time investigating it, so you may be right.

re: gab 

@rune I'm not positive if it's the code from the masto fork, but I'm sure it would be easy to find out. What browser are you using? Lynx?

re: gab 

@calculsoberic I'm just comparing html content and network request made by both frontends in the Firefox devtools.

re: gab 

@rune Ah, ok! I'll have to check that out when I get home.

@stux i didn't fact check whether this really happened and yet I shared it, whoops :blobcatgiggle:
@aetios @stux it doesn't really matter
the general advice is pretty good
though I kind of dislike the example given, because the implication seems to be that if they WERE the reason, the reaction on the right would be 100% justified
technical reasons ultimately boil down to human reasons themselves, so it's just like "a level of indirection means you shouldn't care in general"
@toast @stux (i shared it because the advice was good, yes)

@toast @aetios @stux I think there's even more to it. The story comes down to conflict between Technocrats and Traditionalists, and a scapegoat was created. The Technocrats in this story value the Traditions LESS than safety/contractual agreements/etc, and that signaled a lack of loyalty to the town's Traditions.

The tech community often misunderstands this about our users. We underestimate the costs of change and the message that change sends to a stakeholder.

@toast @aetios @stux and then, I guess like a toddler, the Traditionalists misdirected their anger, dragging down ANOTHER group.

It's not right that this happened, and I'm not sure how easily it could have been avoided. If the Technocrats in this scenario had found a way to keep the Tradition while dotting I's and crossing T's, minority groups would have received a different message and would have been similarly harmed.

Managing multiple stakeholders with diverse interests is hard ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@hj At least checking mulitple sources :blobcatgiggle:

Use stuxOS.com 😇

@hj @stux And the absolute thing wrong with "fact-checkers", centralised source of "truth".

Seen On Tv™!! It must be true!! (replace Tv with your favorite source of ~trusted information)

@lanodan @stux @hj @Hyolobrika One of the big flaws in the mainstream press is that they often have to return to regular sources for continuing information, and they can't displease those sources and get cut off. The most egregious example is the police, who dole out large amounts of crime drama every day, and are completely needed for the production of the media product. In the attached articles (pasted together in one paste), Bernie Najarian looks into a case where a police force called the US Postal Inspection Service apparently simply fabricated over 300 'rescued children' in a marginal porn bust, and media worldwide parroted this tale even though dozens of them had received information proving from court documents that it was bunk. justpaste.it/7ebrd

@lanodan @stux @hj

You haven't obviously even watched the animation because it calls for quite the opposite of what you're saying.


It feels like the internet is a lot healthier when you pause before sharing or reacting to anything, I mean literally never doing instant shares or instant likes or instant comments.

Even a few minutes thinking time can help you avoid falling into the 😡 trap, not just about politics but things in general.

It would be interesting if there was a fork of Mastodon where you literally couldn't interact with a post for a few minutes after you've first seen it.


It's like instant reactions on social media bypass our intellectual capacity, channel some kind of primitive violent rage from before we evolved proper brains.

@feditips @stux There is no reason to restrict every user. A plugin would do the job even better. As it being opt in would allow for it to work on every instance.

@feditips @stux when combined with sentiment analysis, you could probably compare two groups--one with a forced delay and one without--and see if the community becomes "healthier".

It would be interesting if toxicity/health of a community was optimized by social media companies as much as they optimize for engagement.

@peder @feditips @stux You could also have a third group, testing the EUNOMIA project, if that is still a thing. I red about it on the Mastodon blog, and found it pretty interesting. A lot of the times it'd probably help to just see the origin of the information as well as opinions from multiple sources, it'd also make a lot of people think about it more, before they share it.

@peder @stux

They would make no money from health so a for-profit organisation would never do this. It would have to be some kind of outside monitoring and regulation.

Also a lot of users (most users?) wouldn't want a delay like this, so there's danger of self-selection (people who want delay being more thoughtful anyway?).

Perhaps a basic problem of the internet that it allows instant information retrieval and transmission, depriving us of the healthy thinking time from older media :(

There's a very helpful tutorial on YouTube..DingDash tutorial. It is not long , it helps getting you started.

@stux I like it. We don’t need a big company to fact-check for us, but we do need to THINK for ourselves.

@alex Exactly! If we would all start with that there would be a huge shift..

@stux: Before dropping off FB I used to push the idea that for any post that someone would share to also find an additional source from a traditional (FOX would count too) source that gave detail. My conservative friends hated this idea and one common thread was, "but I don't have the TIME to search google for the same story. And I can't find it most of the times." That should be their clue but they seem to not think that means it was false because it fits their narrative.

@stux F*@# Yes! It's not that hard to do either. The world would actually be a much healthier and safer place of everyone were to check their facts before sharing. This should be taught in schools like they do in Finland, I believe. :twilightsmile:

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