Personally I think ‘free speech’ is far less important than respect. If your on the and not on your own server be sure you read and agree with the instance guidelines you are on.

Remember, you are in someone’s digital home, respect the rules or get out and signup somewhere that’s more fitting..

So yes, I TOTALL AGREE with the decision made about Trumpet.. That guy was searching for fights and disrespecting people for far too long. Especially if you are a so called ‘President’, you should know better.

@stux I agree that Twitter has the *right* to ban Trump, and I don't think that right should be taken away from them. I think an important question though is whether banning people from communication platforms is healthy for society. Especially general purpose communication platforms.

@stux If Trump was on some communication platform dedicated to heart disease research, then I definitely think censoring for off-topic is reasonable. In the case of Twitter though, it is (by design) a single global generalized communication platform meant to host a wide range of viewpoints, opinions, ideas, etc. I don't think it is healthy for society for such generalized communication platforms to be censoring people because of *what* they say.

@stux Keeping in mind, anyone can simply unfollow, mute, or block Trump if they want. It is not like Twitter was forcing people to listen to Trump, they all listened voluntarily. Twitter is (IMO) trying to control what content people have access to, and that is what I have a problem with.

@stux This is why I'm hoping that Mastadon hits off (just learned about it today!), it makes it so I can "choose my censor", which makes it far less impactful if one censor decides to start censoring a particular viewpoint. You don't have to leave *everything* behind, you just have to leave behind that censor (in theory, we'll see how well the whole multi-censor thing works out in reality).

@MicahZoltu Well yes, if you keep a platform healthy that way for sure! If a few nazi pricks ruin things here you would expect me to ban them right? My rules are very clear and if people don’t accept they are happy to signup elsewhere 😉

@stux I think Mastodon is better than Twitter, because of the federation aspect, which means individual communities can moderate with more limiting rules while still giving people a way to build bridges via federated communication.

Unfortunately, I learned about Mastodon blacklists today which makes me sad as it breaks the ability to build those bridges.

"If a few nazi pricks ruin things here you would expect me to ban them right?"

@stux To answer this specific question, my preference would be to ban them if they are actively causing problems (e.g., spamming, being mean, using ad homonym attacks, or otherwise being disruptive). If they just hold a different belief than me but are engaging in civil discourse I would prefer they be allowed to stick around.

That being said, it is your server thus your rules (which I believe includes "no nazis").

@MicahZoltu For sure! 😉 Everyone is welcome whatever your believes are if you keep is nice and civil ❤️ I’m only banning the ones causing trouble and spammers ofc!

@MicahZoltu @stux

oh come on, really? healthy society? why twitter don't ban the terrorist, totalitarian regime or president that murder their people? or ban drug traffic or kid traffic?

The president of my country (fbi/intepol list as terrorist) that kill alot of people is on twitter/mstdn (yes here) trowing propaganda, saying everything is ok in that country.

stux will do something about that? probability no because don't infringes any instance rules. (1/2)

@stux we should hold our leaders to higher standards than the rest to raise the standard not lower it.

@stux I really don't understand, not that I want to, how these right wingers complain about a "communist" social media not letting them express themselves. They probably consider a private held infrastructure as public, guess what? It is not! It worked and still works like that in forums and IRC. The moderators/owners of the page/channel can kick you out, ban you if you don't behave as requested... so fuck whiners and fuck Voltaire.

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