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@session_app@twitter.com @LokiFoundation@twitter.com @session_app@twitter.com now supports closed (private) groups of up to 100 users. This will make it easier for CSO teams to communicate securely, and will also create spaces for individuals who may want to be anonymous to participate in group discussions.
Read More: getsession.org/session-for-beg

🐦🔗: twitter.com/INSMnetwork/status

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New: Anonymous GitLab ticketing at Tor. Our outreachy intern Maria Violante is working on an exciting project that allows collaborators to submit anonymous tickets to the Tor Project. The Anonymous Ticket Portal system is ready for you to test!

Expel from the Senate over this haircut.


That is real !! as people say americans...

Hey I wonder what flavor of ice cream Abraham eats :blobsmilehappyeyes:

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If you use a VPN, use a separate browser for the VPN, or you will be identified.

Visit this site to see how you are identifiable:

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Version 4.1 is live on cryptpad.fr !

This release introduces a ✨dark theme✨ . You will see this if your operating system is set to dark, or you can switch manually in Settings.

The release notes will be available on GitHub shortly.

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Happy #SaferInternetDay! Let's celebrate with these privacy-friendly options:

Conference: #wire #jitsi
Chat: @signal @threemaapp
Collaboration: #mattermost #element
Office: @libreoffice Email: @Tutanota

Stay secure, use #OpenSource #FOSS

Here is more for inspiration: tutanota.com/blog/posts/online

Maybe this new men will be good to go to the military and be soldiers 😃 This is

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UntrackMe has been updated to version 1.18.0 and is already available in our FDroid repository.

Here's what has been improved:

- Add more patterns to remove utm/tracking parameters

- Fix a display issue when font size and display size are the largest


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We also released Cryptomator 1.5.11 for Android today! This is the first release after we've open-sourced the project. 🎉


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Chinese censorship also blocks Cluhouse app

Chinese government censors on Tuesday blocked the popular social network Clubhouse, which has hosted conversations critical of Beijing in recent days.

Clubhouse, which is an audio chat application, no longer has access in the Asian c


#News #censorship #chat #China #Clubhouse #comunism #freespeech #freedom #GreatFirewall #HongKong #Taiwan #Uyghur #VPN

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China is not multicultural, wants to be less so #Uhygur #Tibet so HK is a problem.

People of Chinese descent born in #hk are by default Chinese citizens, this article correctly says, but what if you are not Chinese descent and HK born? Are they then stateless?

There is no dual citizenship in #China or HK. If you are Chinese you cannot access foreign consular services. This is the rule in China.

So many questions with only China law to follow. HK is not different.


The literal meaning of the phrase in vitro is "within the glass.” It is a Latin term, which more generally refers to anything occurring in a laboratory setting

Without going too deep into virus, in vitro babies, etc...

Did you see the relation? I'm not said what is true or no, yet there is a possibility if you research about how a virus is made and how they spreed.

- columbiaobgyn.org/services/vit

- verywellfamily.com/what-does-i

In vitro fertilization it involves extracting a woman's eggs, fertilizing the eggs in the laboratory with sperm, and then transferring the resulting embryo(s) into the woman's uterus through the cervix, where it can develop into an ongoing pregnancy.

Better known as IVF is an assisted reproductive technology in which fertilization takes place in the lab instead of inside the body. Ever since the world’s first IVF baby was born in 1978.

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You may have heard that Session does not require your phone number for sign-up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is why.

If your private messenger leaks metadata about where, when, and who you're messaging — it's time for you to #GetSession.

Send messages, not metadata.

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Session stands with the people of #Myanmar and their fight for freedom and justice. ✊

Removing access to the internet and diminishing the ability of activists to organise is unacceptable.

Quelling dissent can only delay change — ultimately that change will always come.

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Signal ignores proxy censorship vulnerability, bans researchers

"multiple researchers have discovered flaws in the workaround that can let a censor or government authority probe into Signal TLS proxies, rendering these protections moot and potentially bringing repercussions for Signal users located in repressive regimes."


#cybersecurity #signal #censorship #proxy #exploit

I know is a hot topic right now, and everyone is "oh let's try " how about if you try @session ? Very signal fork with no phone number, or if you still want a "traditional" signal in your life, how about a and fork? try instead.

Add molly to your repositories molly.im/fdroid/

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They pinged me once (using a 3rd party in Belarus, IIRC), I told them I wouldn't work for such a "company" ever, in my fucking life.

RT @Fox0x01@twitter.com

I admit, it’s surprising to hear offensive InfoSec folks talk about how they “accidentally” worked for or were in the process of being recruited by UAE intelligence.

I rejected ~$1mio worth of mobile exploitation training requests from the Middle East without a second thought.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Fox0x01/status/135

Section 230 Does Not Protect Sex Trafficking—Lawyer Lisa Haba on Lawsuit | American Thought Leaders

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