Hashtag following has been merged into the upcoming version of Mastodon, and will be available on all servers at the next update.

It's already available on some servers such as and

Elsewhere on the Fediverse, Friendica has already had hashtag following for years now, across all servers.

Whichever platform you're using, it works the same way:

1. Log in through the website
2. Search for a hashtag
3. Click the follow logo (or + sign) in the top right corner of the results

You will then see posts with that hashtag in your normal timeline even if you don't follow the account posting it. Note that it only shows posts published after the follow happened, so you may not see tagged posts in your timeline immediately.

This only works with posts visible to your server anyway, it won't pull posts in just on the basis of the tag. It's effectively a filter of the Federated timeline.

@feditips Would be good to say which version this is as we are all on diff versions or for future reference good to name version number. (feel free to delete and redraft)


I don't know what the version number will be, it hasn't been released yet.

It's only on some servers for testing, but they have the current version number.

@freeschool @feditips for Mastodon, it's whichever Version came after 3.5.3...


No, not yet. If your server has it, you'll see the follow icon in the top right corner of hashtag search results.

@feditips Finally! How did they even forget to add the most important feature on social media?

@feditips This is a feature I'm super looking forward to :ablobfoxbongohyper:

@puwa puwa

new feature released feel free to take weeks to months to update

Finally! Will make it much easier to find like-minded people on other servers without having to repeatedly run hashtag searches.

@feditips Thing you need to learn before you get on a horse: how to get off a horse.

Similarly, before clicking this it'd be nice to know how to remove hashtag follows.


Good point.

You search for the same hashtag and click the unfollow button (which is in the same place the follow button was).

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