OwnCast is a sort of Fediverse alternative to Twitch. It lets people host their own video livestream with a chat window at the side, and OwnCast accounts can be followed from Mastodon etc.

You can find out more about @owncast at, and they have a directory of streamers at

If you follow an OwnCast account from Mastodon, you will see a post from them in your timeline telling you when the account has gone live.

Also, if you follow an OwnCast account or boost its posts, this will appear in the livestream's chat window (see the attached picture).

Some OwnCast accounts you can try following right now include:

@live (soulful house music shows)

@hatnix (Linux gaming streams)

@Hamish - (retro gaming streams)

(Note that some OwnCast accounts do not have Fediverse switched on yet, so they won't be visible on Mastodon etc)

@feditips So the question will be... For live stream videos is better OwnCast or a peertube instance that has Livestream option on?
It's an open question for anyone who has his favourite.

@Napo @feditips Even pixelfed is adding streaming, but the more options the better


I think OwnCast is aimed more at single user servers?

And PeerTube for multi-user servers?

@feditips @owncast @live @hatnix @Hamish

How do I know which servers have opted-in so I can subscribe to them? Trial and error?

If I see a notification and the stream is over, will I be automatically directed to an archive? Or will 80% of stream notifications be a dead "Stream is done, check in later"?

Is it possible to comment with my mastodon account or do I have to use anonymous accounts?

@playerthree @owncast @live @hatnix @Hamish

If you can make the account link appear on Mastodon (as done with the accounts above), then it is opted in. I am trying to recommend livestreamers (including OwnCasters) on FediFollows at:

There's no built-in archive but some of them have separate PeerTube accounts for past streams.

I should say OwnCast is still very new, and its Fediverse support is even newer!

I think at the moment chatting is just through anonymous accounts, but you can rename the anonymous account if you want to make your identity clear.

@feditips @owncast @live @hatnix @Hamish

I'm browsing through your livestreamer recommendations; every single one is offline and most of them have little information on what they stream.

I don't think I'm likely to subscribe to any of them in the hope that they'll one day stream at the same time that I happen to be in front of my computer and MAYBE they'll stream stuff I'm into. 😐​

@playerthree What you're saying doesn't check out. All three of those recommended Owncast channels have information and streaming schedules, though LABR is less specific with the schedule.


Could be that I'm unfamiliar with the Owncast interface.

Perhaps you could help me find the streaming times for

Or if plays any games I'd want to watch?

@playerthree I specifically pointed out that LABR is less specific. They just say Fridays and weekends.

Hatnix plays different types/genres of games on each day of the week, and they are in the schedule descriptions -- they don't just play one set of games.

The Owncast interface leaves a blank canvas on their page for each channel to do with what they will so, just like personal websites, everyone will have their own unique setup.

(both channels are live now)


If the streamers display their streaming schedule or not isn't the point I'm trying to make.

I've written a longer reply to FediTips, I'm not sure if it shows for you but it explains a bit more in-depth what I want and why.

@playerthree @owncast @live @hatnix @Hamish

All three of them have streamed several times in the last week, one them is streaming right now..

If you open their accounts in a new tab, and scroll down the page, you will see schedules or links to schedules.


Also, the schedules are there even during a stream, scroll the video off the top of the screen and the schedules are in the text below.

It is easy to miss them, I know, but it is there.

Maybe @owncast could make them more prominent or something?

@feditips @owncast

I know about the description section - every time I scroll down in the chat frame and reach the latest comment, the entire page scrolls down and hides the video. 🤷​

The problem isn't if the broadcasters show their streaming times or not, either in a schedules-box or in the description itself. That's a user issue, not an Owncast issue.

The problem is that I have no possibility to see VODs of the stream. I compare it to not being able to listen to any songs by a band before deciding if one should go to the concert.

@playerthree @owncast

Some of them have archive accounts on PeerTube, I've linked to them on their FediFollows entry when possible (

The others... well, it's just taking a chance and seeing if you like it?

Bear in mind several of these streams are about new music and the content will change all the time anyway. There may also be music licensing issues that permit livestreams but not on-demand.

@playerthree @owncast

Would it help if there was at least a short video clip available to watch on demand when a stream isn't live?

To give you a taster of what it is like?

@feditips @owncast

Sure, anything is better than nothing when it comes to getting an impression of the streamer, what they stream and how they stream.

But I'm not looking for a pre-produced video. I want a snapshot of the actual broadcast, something that shows me roughly what I can expect if I tune in during a live session.

A compilation of 5 second videoclips taken every 10 minutes during the previous stream?

A slideshow of screenshots taken every 15 minutes?

Even just a simple thumbnail from practically any time during a previous stream tells me a lot.

An example I could give is from my own streaming setup. From the attached, single screenshot alone I'd argue that:

At the most basic level, people can see it's a game.

If you're into games you can see what type of game, it's a first person POV. Might even recognize it's Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk gamers can see that I'm playing with a heavily modded interface so they can likely expect something different than their own Cyberpunk 2077 experience.

A screenshot or video from an actual stream tells me if chat is on-video, so I can see what comments the streamer is interacting with if they archive their videos as VODs. If they use a facecam - sometimes I want to connect with the streamer. Or if they do a raw feed from the game - sometimes I just want to watch someone play a game I like in a different way than me.

It tells me a lot about the technical capabilities of the streamer. If they put any thought into the graphic design of their stream, which often reflects on their experience as a stream host and so on.

@playerthree Seems like you have lots of thoughts! I hope you consider taking part the next time there's a community call to discuss future features and ideas, or choose to contribute in other ways. We'd love to have you involved!

@playerthree @owncast

Yes, that makes sense.

I see Owncast already commented on your reply, so hopefully this will feed into its development.

@feditips @playerthree Looking forward to building scheduling as a first class feature in the future. Work is happening right now to support that. I know hatnix streams almost every weekend for sure and it's usually a game. Owncast is still really new though, so I don't think it's going to be nearly as active as Twitch.

@fyrfli @feditips @owncast @hatnix @live @Hamish

Check my longer reply to feditips, its not about how many streamers there is or how active they are. Gee ... I just noted that I know of one streamer who streams regularly to your comment that all the recommendations are offline. Guess I shoulda just kept my mouth sut.

@feditips oh neat, i didn't know that you can follow from mastodon!

@nx @Liberapay is about as close as we get without getting into crypto territory

@liaizon @nx

Yeah, federation isn't happening for donations as far as I know, but @Liberapay is probably the best known free open source Pateron alternative.

There's also @comradery which is in beta testing and for organisations.

@feditips @liaizon @nx @Liberapay @comradery cryptocurrency should have been the federated payment model but the whole industry is built on fraud.

@feditips @owncast
How wouldi set up a Live stream? On twitch I simply create account and then start streaming with obs. What would I need to do to start streaming on owncast?

@Xucaen @owncast

You would need to create your own OwnCast server, there's more info on how to do this in the "get started" section on OwnCast's site:

If you just want to sign up on someone else's site, a better option might be livestreaming through someone's PeerTube server (many PT servers now offer livestreaming).

@feditips @owncast ok sounds like it would costa lot of money. It's very interesting though. Thanks.

@feditips @owncast

I found Owncast just recently and it's pretty amazing.

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