If you haven't done it already, it's a really good idea to put something on your profile, at least in the bio text part :blobhappy:

Even a sentence or two is better than blankness, it shows you are a human being!

Many people on here will only accept follows from people with text in their profile, as it is considered a common courtesy.

This applies to all Fediverse platforms. If you're on Mastodon, you can do this through the "Edit profile" or "Edit info" links.

@feditips I agree, though I am open to following people who follow myself and have at least one or two posts that seem interesting enough. That's some kind of signal too.

@feditips I fully reposted this without anything in my bio. Good push to add a little


I don't understand this.

Most people don't "accept followers" but have their account open, and everybody can follow them. Because most, like me, generally don't care who follows me, unless they cause trouble.

But I do not follow others if their profile is empty and if they haven't posted anything meaningful.


I guess it's a matter of taste?

Locking an account can seem to some like you don't want strangers following you.

Some people want strangers to follow them, but not bots, so they open the account but don't like blank accounts?

There aren't any set rules about this though, so locked accounts mean different things to different people!

And as you say, if your profile is empty people are less likely to follow you too.

@feditips Yes, of course, people are different and have different reasons to lock their account.

I was just a bit surprised, your post sounded to me as if locked accounts are very common. In my experience most people don't lock their account, but perhaps that's just in my friendly neighbourhood.


Ah, ok, sorry I didn't mean it to sound like that.

I just meant, if you have a blank profile and you follow someone, they may think they've been followed by a bot.

@feditips That's a good point.

In any case, the main message is that people should write a meaningful bio, and it's useful that you give newbees that advice.

I didn't want to distract from that.

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