You can view a Mastodon user's public posts with a particular hashtag by adding /tagged/(hashtag) on the end of their public URL:

(account's public URL)/tagged/(tag)

For example, @FediFollows posts with the hashtag can be viewed at:

You can find the public URL of a Mastodon account by going to its profile and clicking on the avatar image.

You can let visitors filter your own posts with featured hashtags by going to:

Edit Profile > Featured Hashtags

Add a hashtag you want to highlight and click "Add new", or select one from the suggestions list. (You can remove tags from the list by clicking on their "Delete" buttons)

The featured tags will appear next to your public profile, people can click on them to filter your public profile by these tags.

Have you searched for a particular hashtag and not found enough results?

One trick you could try is searching for hashtags on other instances by going to this web address:

(other instance) /tags/ (hashtag without #)

For example, here are posts visible on the instance

This is useful if you are on a small/new instance, and you aren't seeing many results for tag searches.

Larger/older instances tend to have a lot more posts visible, because they have made more connections with more instances over a longer period.

@feditips @FediFollows
It would be so nice to browse the list of user's public hashtags.

@feditips @FediFollows Nice. But can I subscribe to it? Mastodon can not subscribe to hashtag or user's hashtag, am I right?

@stepan @FediFollows

You can subscribe to a user's hashtag in Mastodon if you do it through RSS.

Add .rss to the end of the URL to get an RSS feed of it, then copy this URL into your favourite feed reader.

(Thank you to @rysiek for pointing this out!)

@feditips oh, that's really too bad that there is no federated search built in:(


I think there are relay servers which may help smaller/newer instances with this issue?

I am not an admin though so I don't know how effective they are in practice. and sometimes this maybe because you had set your languages choose in a wrong way... then you d better set the languages choose as "all" (just cancel all √ in the languages list)

@feditips Though this is best possible solution. This trick has a problem, you will be asked to login.


Weird, I can open the URL fine without being logged in.

Are you trying to click on something within the page, or just open the URL?

@feditips Okay wording wrong,

you get to open the link and view posts, its just that to share a post or like a post is not possible. you need to login for that.

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