OwnCast is a free open source self-hostable streaming platform, basically a libre alternative to Twitch, and also currently testing Fediverse support too! :blobcool:

There's more info about it on its website at

The project is looking for help running an OwnCast dedicated Fediverse account. (There is currently a bot at @owncast but this just provides automated posts about streamers.)

If you think you can help with this, or want to be involved with the project in any other way, get in touch with OwnCast here:

The project lead is on the Fediverse at @gabek

@owncast @gabek

You can also stream live video on @peertube (though this doesn't yet have chat support).

PeerTube is a Fediverse platform, so people on Mastodon etc can follow PeerTube accounts, and any new live streams will appear as posts in their timeline.

PeerTube live streams can be ephemeral (and disappear straight afterwards), or they can be set to archive automatically so that people can watch later.

PeerTube's p2p technology means instances won't crash if a stream goes viral, as it spreads the load between viewers.

Small update on this, Owncast do now have their own Fediverse account, it's at:


They have a thread on how to contribute here:

@feditips PeerTube also supports live streams now! :)

@feditips Little tip!

OwnCast is now also included on the panel! So with a few clicks one can setup an instance easily!

@owncast @gabek

@feditips @gabek @peertube There's actually a plugin available for PeerTube that allows live chat, via XMPP. It might be a decent way of doing it:

Et comment fait on pour suivre un compte peertube sur Mastodon?
@owncast @gabek @peertube

@deuch @

You can follow a PeerTube account on Mastodon by copying the address into the search box, then press enter.

The PeerTube account will appear in the Mastodon search results. Click on the account to follow it.

PeerTube accounts look just like Mastodon accounts when you view them within Mastodon, for example @yesterkitchen

There is a thread about this here:

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