Hi, I am a nearly half a century old Dutch person who is overwhelmed a lot of the time.
I am dedicated to working decades of old trauma out of my rickety body. When I get rid of the all-pervasive fear I'll hopefully start painting again, which made me feel like everything was right with the world. For now I'm creatively constipated and trying to navigate through the fog in my head. (It's hard to find words.)

Would like to follow un-normal people who are as inconsistent as I am. One day post photos of cats, food or moss, next day rage against the government's herd immunity policy, only to be quiet and thoughtful the next. 
Sometimes I actually manage to say something insightful or funny.
Mostly I'm looking for a place where it's safe to be me until the fear which has ruled my life is gone. Then everywhere will be safe.

@Jiriki A quiet and gentle welcome to you - may this be a place of safety, peace, and kindness to you. 💛​

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