It's time for some sleep.. 😪 :stux:​ Done a lot today 💪 Good night my dear friends! ❤️ :mastodon::fediverse::blobcathug::blobcathearts:


- Added Follow / Unfollow system
- Added Like / Unlike system has been updates as is the repo:

If you like please think about supporting my work and Fedi instances hosting ❤️ :blobcathug:

⚠️ Job search, please boost! 

Alrighty let's try this again.

Still looking for a job over here! I've got a comp sci degree and about a year and a half work experience as an automated software test engineer. Please let me know if you have openings, can send a referral, etc. Full remote would be preferred!

If you want more info you can visit my site
If you need a resume please DM and I'll send one over promptly

Thank y'all so much, even just boosting helps a lot! 🖤

Whaha oh yeah!

Seriously, this was soo much easier in VueJS instead of plain Laravel :blobcatgiggle:

re: Our neighbors be like: 

@Gina it was in their garden at first but they moved it to our shared location..

Out of eye of out mind

@dansup What do you think on this one? :ed_grin:​ Should be fine for eventually AP right?

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I think...... I'm gonna use the overtrue packges for follow/unfollow | like | favo for Goldfish🤔

Any input? Can't find a reason not too

re: Our neighbors be like: 

@Riserise A gazillion maybe even :blobcatgiggle:

Our neighbors be like: 

Assholes. Just floating assholes, no arms, no legs, no brains. Assholes

re: Alex Jones 

@mjdxp **in court :blobcatgiggle:​ whoops

re: Alex Jones 

@mjdxp I couldn't stand thje fcker before but after seeing him being a sorry sweaty 'thing' its even worse :amaze:

Alex Jones 

I hope they strip him down to the bone..

What a jackass

Oh lol. Videos now getting processed via queue in Horizon! Just had to setup Horizon and the task automatically got taken over yay!

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