@stux Don't I ffing know it!
Neighbour had a new printer. Simple installation, they said.
I'm in IT for over 40 years and it took me 30 minutes. Simple my ass.

@paulkater @stux
Maybe the neighbours use GNU/Linux? Stallman is known for caring extra much about printers.

@JohanEmpa @stux Ha, if only. Windows 10. Open your phone, scan a code on the printer and follow the link to create an account, log into the account on the computer to download the driver software, which will hopefully transfer to the printer over WIFI (4th time it worked) and then go through an online setup wizard on the computer.

Easy peasy!

@paulkater @stux
What's the thing with accounts and printers these days?

It's a few years ago I bought my printer and I like it without any account.

@paulkater @devnull @JohanEmpa Yupp.. ive also seen it, suppliers seriously requires you to create an account with them and "sync" all your stuff etc

@RyunoKi Bad ideas traver fast… Apparently stupid marketing people didn't learn anything from supply-chain problems/chips shortage…

@stux @paulkater @JohanEmpa

@stux @paulkater Like creating an online account, providing personal data to printer makers so you can print with a damn printer?

Someone needs to have a not-so-friendly talk with marketers… 😠


@devnull @stux @JohanEmpa
Exactly that. Not many data, but nothing that a printer would need to print.

@paulkater @JohanEmpa @stux *something something...* Owning your bought and paid for hardware.... *Blah blah blah.*

@meena @stux I technically *have* one of those, but my ethernet-appletalk bridge broke so I can't talk to it any more... I need to get on building my RasPi-AppleTalk print server.

@meena @stux I must have been lucky with my printer choices, Canon and Brother seem well supported, even my MFD scanner works with Arch.

@stux Engineered a couple of those, then they sold the division and laid us all off.

@x_minus_t @stux usually because a sensor in that area is dirty with ink or paper dust. There are so many issues that can just be fixed with a q-tip!

@stux Printer stopped mid-job the other night. When I finally went to it, black toner was empty (still saying low on the GUI though).
Changed it (first time since I bought the machine 2(?) years ago).
Watched it for who knows how long whilst it went through several cycles of "Please Wait..." & "Ready".
Huge sigh when it was finally ready... Only to find it had completely forgotten about the remainder of the print job.
(Same printer that I had to attach using the printer cable, to get it to work over the WiFi 🤷‍♀️.)

@sтυx💙💛 Funny. My old Kyocera FS-1030D(N) actually just works pretty well :D

@stux best printer I've ever owned was an incredibly dirty-when-i-found-it brother b/w laser printer at a thrift shop for $5. Cleaned right up. Doesn't complain about 3rd part toner carts, doesn't care about proprietary drivers, doesn't mind pretending it's a different printer! Living the fairy tale life... for now.

@pixelkeen @stux brother makes some surprisingly good printers. just smart enough to be intuitive, just dumb enough that it doesn't have a million points of failure.

@michael_lemmons @stux the first printer I might actually want to repair when something goes wrong!

@michael_lemmons can vouch for that. Been using a Brother b/w laser printer for many years and it works great. I never have any problem.

@pixelkeen @stux

@sofia @stux Laser printers are cool and all, but have you ever tried to mail someone a laser? It's more trouble than it's worth :P

@stux I have one of these networked laser faxes, every 6 years or so it needs a new developer unit. The guy that fitted the last one said there were no more in existence. Purchased in 2001. :) Good value.

ditched my old ink jet all-in-one printer for a midgrade office laserjet printer and its like I've entered a whole new world. highly recommend it to anyone tired of those things constantly not working.

@stux @wagesj45 I have started to think we mainly have ourselves to blame for most printer issues.

More expensive office printers seem to have far fewer problems in my experience. Think: one issue per 1000 pages printed instead of one issue per 10 pages.

We should either not expect miracles from printers that cost 200 bucks or should acknowledge that we find printing important and, accordingly, invest in a good one.

@stux Thought the same until I bought an Epson Eco Print, I will never buy another printer from anyone else. They are freaking awesome and I have been in IT for over 20 years and these printers juts WORK and they rock. I have gone through 2 reams of paper and color printing the whole time just on the initial ink supplied when I got the printer. Do not buy any printer other than these Epson's.

@stux isn‘t that a thing of the past? My last HP cost under 100€ and I can print from everywhere including my iPhone. Setup: simply using the WPS button once.

@stux I have a laser printer on my desk. The kids love copying an empty page out of it so they draw on warm paper

@stux I never should've gotten rid of my printer from 1997. 😭

@ischade @stux I agree, I had a canon inkjet which was small enough to fit on a shelf. The 90’s, when printers were printers.

@stux good thing that’s a fairytale! Printers are the worst to support for every occasion haha. Would be a good read though, is it only a digital copy, or did it ever make it to print?

@stux So happy my 2007 printer is still alive and working! Modern ones sound like a nightmare.

@stux hahaha I love this! I always dread having to troubleshoot printer problems!

@idanoo I’m sure you can also appreciate this 😂

@Inquizitif1 @stux clearly they weren't running Windows 😂😂😂

@stux I was so pissed off that I had to install all kinds of crap on my phone to install a desktop printer. May the people who came up with this crap step on legos.

@stux those stupid things don't ever works and I always think they do it because of me

@stux I must be living in Wonderland, because I never had problems with my Canon and HP printers on Linux (Fedora), no set-up required. Even the remote scanning feature worked out of the box with Gnome Document Scanner. I did have multiple problems on Windows, though. 🤔

@GlowingLantern @stux

Yeah, it is definitely a Windows people problem.

We once had a school computer system that printed from multiple OSes. The Linux and Mac were always fine. But as soon as a Windows machine was attached, it would bork the whole system.

@stux That depends on how voodoo-prone the operating system is.

If CUPS is involved it usually is fairly easy.

@stux Our technician explained it to me: With computer problems, the cause is always 30 cm in front of the screen. Just not with the printer. Printers hate people.
Our printer hates us very much. He keeps renaming himself on the network so it doesn't get too easy for us.
@stux Unfortunately my #HP #Laserjet 4L has died with some paper inside and the new toner are causing "ghost" prints (means the roller is not getting cleaned somehow). Yet it worked until this (sad) end. For now, I don't find time of fixing it and I also don't know how.
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