@stux the sad thing is that e-ink would be awesome for this kind of projects, but since it's patented by some money-hungry idiots, the technology is completely dead and useless...

@stux the saddest part is that lots of E-Ink alternatives tried to grow, both as opensource and proprietary technologies, but the ones owning e-ink are visibly either a legal firm or patent trolls, because they were constantly attacking said alternatives to either buy&kill them, or shut them down under tons of lawsuits...

This kind of company seriously sucks.

@Arteneko @stux oh, did not know it is patented. Amazon or so is big enough with Kindle to use/get licenses I guess?

@rugk @stux Yes. It's *VERY HARD* to not negatively talk about E-Ink without the risk of getting sued. Fun bunch of cunts.


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