The desktop version of Mastodon has two different interfaces: a single column Twitter-style one, and a multicolumn Tweetdeck-style one.

✅ To switch between Mastodon's desktop interfaces, go to Preferences > Appearance > Enable Advanced Web Interface. Selecting it activates multicolumn, unselecting it activates single column.

Multicolumn lets you add lots of additional columns, which may be handy for desktops on very wide monitors.

@feditips I was so confused at the layout of this but then I've realized that they're 2 separate images

@feditips Additionally, multicolumn is just vastly superior if you are a #ScreenReader user, in my opinion. And it has hashtag pinning, which means you can have a couple hashtag you check often in easy reach, instead of searching for them each time. Pretty sure there is no such option in single column.

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