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Follow friends and discover new ones among more than 4.4M people. Publish anything you want: links, pictures, text, video. All on a platform that is community-owned and ad-free.

Mastodon isn’t just a website, it is a federation—think Star Trek. Thousands of independent communities running Mastodon form a coherent network, where while every planet is different, being part of one is being part of the whole.

Mastodon comes with effective anti-abuse tools to help protect yourself. Thanks to the network's spread out and independent nature there are more moderators who you can approach for personal help, and servers with strict codes of conduct.

Sharing your thoughts has never been more convenient

You have 500 characters. You can adjust the thumbnails of your pictures with focal points. You can use custom emojis, hide things behind spoiler warnings and choose who sees a given post. Messed it up? You can delete & redraft for quick corrections.

Mastodon for the individual

Without an incentive to sell you things, Mastodon allows you to consume content you enjoy uninterrupted. Your feed is chronological, ad-free and non-algorithmic—you decide who you want to see!

Support the community

Since we do not serve ads and we do not sell data we rely on your support. If you like you can donate to help us out a little. Currently our total costs are about €369/a month for the servers, media storage and costs for emails.

You can help out the community by donating in several ways:

✔️ Become a Patron
✔️ CC/iDeal/Bank
✔️ Support on LiberaPay
✔️ Buy us a Ko-Fi
✔️ OpenCollective Backers
✔️ Bitcoin: 154MK3JjgSu9n65xGtvrsmbbznANou86sN
✔️ Ether: 0x7d33fF0a82caAC12b806ad5Ad973eD98932f6a0E


The server admin is @stux

Server moderators are:

Code of Conduct

The following guidelines are not a legal document, and final interpretation is up to the administration of mstdn.social; they are here to provide you with an insight into our content moderation policies:

  1. The following types of content will be removed from the public timeline:
    1. Excessive advertising
    2. Uncurated news bots posting from third-party news sources
    3. Untagged nudity, pornography and sexually explicit content, including artistic depictions
    4. Untagged gore and extremely graphic violence, including artistic depictions
    5. Fake news, anti-vaccination spam
  2. The following types of content will be removed from the public timeline, and may result in account suspension and revocation of access to the service:
    1. Racism or advocation of racism
    2. Sexism or advocation of sexism
    3. Casteism or advocation of casteism
    4. Discrimination against gender and sexual minorities, or advocation thereof
    5. Xenophobic and/or violent nationalism
  3. The following types of content are explicitly disallowed and will result in revocation of access to the service:
    1. Sexual depictions of children
    2. Content illegal in Germany and/or France, such as holocaust denial or Nazi symbolism
    3. Conduct promoting the ideology of National Socialism
  4. Any conduct intended to stalk or harass other users, or to impede other users from utilizing the service, or to degrade the performance of the service, or to harass other users, or to incite other users to perform any of the aforementioned actions, is also disallowed, and subject to punishment up to and including revocation of access to the service. This includes, but is not limited to, the following behaviors:
    1. Continuing to engage in conversation with a user that has specifically has requested for said engagement with that user to cease and desist may be considered harassment, regardless of platform-specific privacy tools employed.
    2. Aggregating, posting, and/or disseminating a person's demographic, personal, or private data without express permission (informally called doxing or dropping dox) may be considered harassment.
    3. Inciting users to engage another user in continued interaction or discussion after a user has requested for said engagement with that user to cease and desist (informally called brigading or dogpiling) may be considered harassment.

These provisions notwithstanding, the administration of the service reserves the right to revoke any user's access permissions, at any time, for any reason, except as limited by law.


"Cross-posting" is the automatic copying of posts from one platform to another. That definition does not include the simultaneous posting to multiple platforms from the same app, such as Twidere or PostyBirb. If you use those apps, we consider those posts original, and the following need not apply.

Cross-posting from Mastodon to other platforms is fully permitted. Cross-posting into Mastodon from another platform is permitted under the following terms:

  1. The posts do not include platform-specific references, e.g. talking about "here" meaning Twitter, or including text from other non-Mastodon users verbatim (e.g. cross-posted quote tweets)
  2. The account is at least semi-regularly monitored by the author, so that interactions from Mastodon users are not ignored
  3. The account being cross-posted is owned by the same person. Third-party copying of content is not permitted

Tor network access

There are a few things you will need to be aware of. Certain redirects will push your users to https. They will have to manually replace the URL with http to continue.

Various resources, such as images, will still be offered through your regular non-Tor domain. How much of a problem this is will depend greatly on your user’s level of caution.



Our lovely instance mascot is made by one of our very own users @TheCanine

Hosted by Stuxhost.com.

Moderated servers

Mastodon generally allows you to view content from and interact with users from any other server in the fediverse. These are the exceptions that have been made on this particular server.

Filtered media

Media files from these servers will not be processed or stored, and no thumbnails will be displayed, requiring manual click-through to the original file:

Server Reason
iddq*.***ial This domain contains spambots that are auto-following people.
pawoo.net Almost no moderation
stashsh.net Untagged NSFW
kodlomrazi.ru Harassment
mast****.***ial Former Parler members are starting to migrate to this instance.
parle*.*******.club Fediverse replacement for Parler.
por****.*om Uncensored NSFW

Silenced servers

Posts from these servers will be hidden in public timelines and conversations, and no notifications will be generated from their users interactions, unless you are following them:

Server Reason
freesp************t.com Hate speech.
gamel******.club Untagged NSFW content
kinky.business Unmarked NSFW content
kinkyelephant.com Unmarked NSFW content
mstdn.foxfam.club Spamming the public timelines
nsfw.social Unmarked NSFW content
pokemon.men Spamming the public timelines
prout.social Trolling server, please do not do that :-)
shit******.*lub Untagged NSFW content
sinblr.com Adult content server
switter.at Adult content server
iddq*.***ial This domain contains spambots that are auto-following people.
pawoo.net Almost no moderation
stashsh.net Untagged NSFW

Suspended servers

No data from these servers will be processed, stored or exchanged, making any interaction or communication with users from these servers impossible:

Server Reason
*.10minutepleroma.com Not a great idea
afterlife.masto.host Harassment
anim*.****ite Instance admin cannot communicate normally
baraag.net Untagged NSFW content
brigh****.**cial Conspiracy theories instance.
catgirl.life Illegal content
cens******.icu Conspiracy theory-based PeerTube instance.
degen******.fail A no go place.
distrotoot.com A Gab copy.
ga*.**m We don’t want nazis.
gitmo.life We are blocking this instance because of intolerance and conspiracy theories.
glindr.org Anti-trans slurs
glowers.club Hate speech
hen***.**by Loli content
husk.site Gab-like.
jor**.***se No room for an admin with such a username.
kiwi*****.cc Racist content.
lol*.***za Loli content
mstdn.rocks Hate speech
noage*********.com Spreading conspiracy theories
pieville.net Hate speech
pleroma.hatthieves.es Harassment
plero**.*****.love Loli content
ple****.us Hate speech
pl.smuglo.li Untagged NSFW content
plush.city Harassment
po*.*t Offensive and racist posts.
poli*****.icu Coronavirus and U.S. election misinformation PeerTube instance.
postin*.*******.rocks Loli content
raplst.town Instance for rapists
sear**.****.app Weird bot without explanation
socia*.******.com Spreading fake news.
social.********er.de False information spreading.
spin****.xyz Anti-trans slurs.
thed****.icu Right-wing conspiracy theory and misinformation.
varis*******.net Loli content
voic*****.icu Conspiracy theory and misinformation instance.
wxw.moe Loli and worse
xxxtumblr.org Untagged NSFW content
yggdrasil.social Trolling instance
kodlomrazi.ru Harassment
mast****.***ial Former Parler members are starting to migrate to this instance.
parle*.*******.club Fediverse replacement for Parler.
por****.*om Uncensored NSFW