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*sips coffee* ... and another thing... we already have the choice ffs! Imperial was not "banned" and there are pints and litres of milk in supermarket. So which one of these is easier to evaluate when it comes to "price per unit"?

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Lol speeling mistacks obv lack of cofveve 😆​

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State of the UK FFS!. This is the "consultation" on the greatest "Brexit Opportunity" of them all - "Imperial Measures". In the form of an "odt" file to be emailed or posted. Have fixed some of their loaded questions and I've not even had a coffee yet. FOI request as to how much this crap is costing us next. If you'd like to air your views go to

Navigating podcasts site user stories:
A: as a user I want to click "older" at least 100 times
B: as a user I want to scroll up for at least 10 minutes

"Great Britain reintroduces Pounds, Shillings and Pence to combat cost of living crisis" Is the headline I expect any day now.

BBC3 brought back on air and a few months later BBC4 is being taken off air? I'm not seeing any logic displayed here.

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I’m reading Half-Earth Socialism at the moment. An eco-socialist take that goes hard in on rewilding, veganism, renewables, and, intriguingly, global central planning. ("GosplanT" :D)

It’s good stuff.

Plus I think all Verso books should come bundled with a playable online simulation game like this one does…

Well done Australia, excellent voting!! A sort-of-relative of mine, a church-going elderly lady, told me it was the first time she had to think about who to vote for. That's how bad the ex-ruling evangelical pork-barrelling so-called-christian party is! Green party gains too! 🍾​Congrats!!

London Evening Standard proprietor nearly bald from all the forelock tugging

The poor should just become MPs and eat at a subsidised restaurant on expenses

Funny how the banks are quick to pass on interest rate rises to borrowers but the savings account interest only ever sinks, never rises. May as well spend it or I'll be paying to save money before long.

Why is it so hard to give stuff away? On Freecycle/Freegle/Trashnothing, lots of responses but lots of no-shows and time-wasters. Should attach a tiny fee payable by the takers and see if they're happy to lose it. Or lose reputation points or something. Grrr.

LMAO Boy George on Sunday morning cooking telly talking about all the stuff he nicked when he worked in the cloakroom of the Blitz club

My noise cancelling headphones block the flight path, the school playground, the sirens, everything except... ice-cream vans

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