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An apparently serious article in The Times today, headlined "Should we tax the childless", suggests that Boris Johnson is some sort of fertility role model to be lauded as part of an academically-devised "population plan"

*sips coffee* ... and another thing... we already have the choice ffs! Imperial was not "banned" and there are pints and litres of milk in supermarket. So which one of these is easier to evaluate when it comes to "price per unit"?

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State of the UK FFS!. This is the "consultation" on the greatest "Brexit Opportunity" of them all - "Imperial Measures". In the form of an "odt" file to be emailed or posted. Have fixed some of their loaded questions and I've not even had a coffee yet. FOI request as to how much this crap is costing us next. If you'd like to air your views go to

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