For those of us who want a non-OS specific browser which is just a browser, and not a cryptocurrency scheme or working on showing ads, what are our options?

❌ Firefox
❌ Brave
❌ Chrome


@neil There are many Firefox forks which would address these issues such as LibreWolf, GNU Icecat, etc.

But the main issue that one needs to consider is the monopoly of Chromium in the web space. Ditching Firefox for a Chromium-based browser only makes this worse, regardless of the one you choose.

The Chromium monopoly gives Google near-total control over web standards, decreases incentives for cross-browser support (e.g, Skype only works on Chromium-based browsers) and would ultimately leave Google as your last-man-standing with ultimate reign over the web. Not really an ideal scenario, is it?

While these Chromium-based browsers may be ungoogled, hardened and have nice slick UIs etc., switching to them will result in a huge net-loss for everyone in the long term.

We already suffered from the loss of Opera and (yes, even) Edge.

(Both heading towards crypto scam as far as I know).

Sadly, the number of APIs to implement nowadays make it hard to build a new alternative from the ground up.

Safari lacks behind many APIs already (but spearheads in other areas).

@hacknorris Waterfox was acquired by System 1, a "customer acquisition" platform a couple years ago. I don't feel comfortable with it.

@hacknorris There are other Firefox forks which I'd say are more trustworthy such as LibreWolf, GNU Icecat, Palemoon, Mull browser (on Android), etc.

@zabbeer @neil
Google designs and paves road to suit their car and then claim their car is the fastest.
Some race!


We need a good open source browser based on Webkit like Apple Safari.

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