Privacy is a team sport. Now is a great time to refresh your surveillance self-defense.

You cannot advocate for privacy without advocating for the end of the colonial/imperialist mindset. Decentralisation is a prerequisite for protecting human rights and democracy in the digital network age.

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Software Freedom Podcast #5 over regelgeving met professor Lawrence Lessig - - #FSF #Auteursrecht #SoftwareFreedomPodcast #Nederlands

Your Phone May Be Contributing to Google’s Coronavirus Reports
Location data is a new, somewhat controversial tool in the fight against Covid-19

BDW fervent voorstander van burgerlijke ongehoorzaamheid: als u niet kan uitleggen waarom u belastingen betaalt voor F35’s, betaal dan gewoon geen belasting, als niemand u kan uitleggen waarom vingerafdrukken op uw ID nodig zijn ...

So remember when I was saying Zoom is a privacy and security train wreck? Apparently, that was an understatement:

“Zoom has ‘rolled their own’ encryption scheme [with] significant weaknesses … [and transmits] meeting encryption keys through China.”

Via @ScottMortimer

The People in Charge See an Opportunity - Around the world, rulers are using the pandemic as an excuse to grab more power. And the public is going along with it

People are unfairly and repeatedly asked - even in times other than when a pandemic is affecting the world - to choose between privacy and security, between privacy and health, as if this was a zero-sum game.

This is why privacy matters:

Capitalism is a house of cards, wrapped in a pyramid scheme, inside a shell game.

Hmm. How come I missed that tech news ? Probably social distancing... #jitsi #atlassian


I literally cannot wait to dig into this!! It's what I've been wanting!

Do not use zoom:

And to all developers out there:
Stop using facebook sdk and other stupid stuff. Take care of your users!

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Wees erg bang... Is technologie onze exit-strategie uit de coronacrisis? | VRT NWS: nieuws

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