Turtle Pizza in Berlin Kreuzberg now serves 🍕 with Yeti 🐢🍕🌱🧀. Go try it out and let us know what you think! g.page/Turtlepizzaberlin

"If you cut and burn a tree today, it will release CO2 into the atmosphere today. It will take decades or centuries for other plants to sequester that carbon dioxide back from the atmosphere.

We don't have centuries."


It's not about planting trees, it's about the land. Our newest post explains why freeing up land is key to halt climate change, and what the best way is to do so: blog.yeticheese.com/its-not-ab

"All told, if we accept the most promising claims of the algae-boosters, we’re talking about an 80 percent reduction of methane among only 11 percent of all burps—roughly an 8.8 percent reduction total." wired.com/story/carbon-neutral

We've opened the first and only Yeti Store in Berlin Kreuzberg. Check it out (post in German): blog.yeticheese.com/der-yeti-s

New research published in Nature shows that food system account for 1/3 of global GHG emissions: nature.com/articles/s43016-021

But, what are amino acids? Simply said, they are molecules that peform a variety of functions in your body. Importantly, they are used to stitch together proteins in your cells. Therefore, proteins are made out of amino acid residues.
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1 means that you could only eat that source of protein and your body wouldn't lack any amino acids. This is important to know if you don't eat foods from animals. Bascially, you're fine if you eat soy on a regular basis 😃

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Humans can make some amino acids themselves, but others they need to eat. Those are called essential amino acids. The "Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score" evaluates proteins based on how complete they are: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protein_

Big Dairy dictates EU laws. Not only does the EU spend 1/4 of their budget for livestock agriculture subsidies, but they also want to ban plant-based food producers to label their food, you know, like a normal person would:stopam171.com/

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Food Vegan Werbung 

@nomekopia Veganer Käse auf Sojabasis. Von @yeti

Old, natural forests are the best thing we have to reverse climate change and loss of biodiversity. This is a great documentary shedding some lighton the forestry industry in Sweden, but the situation is similar all over the world. moreofeverything.org/

There's currently no such commercial product as lab-grown meat, and it just doesn't make sense from a physics standpoint compared to making food from plants directly. We need solutions that work *now* for the climate, not that work maybe-in-10-years.

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This media hype is an often-seen pattern: E.g. there's hugely overproportional attention on lab-grown meat, whereas we can already today make meat and cheese directly from plants that's soon as good as the animal-based product it replaces.

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Sadly, a lot of the media hype is on fancy new carbon sequestration technology like direct air capture. The truth is, these technologies are nowhere near as good, cheap or efficient as nature's carbon sequestration tech: Photosynthesis

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Preserving existing ecosystems and let them grow naturally is the best carbon sequestration technology we've got for the forseeable future. It's here now and it's free: ehn.org/forest-carbon-sequestr

A fresh batch of soy beans directly from the farm. Time to make some plant-based cheese 🌱🧀

We've decided to go Facebook-free and deleted our FB and Insta accounts eventhough they are important sales channels for us. Read more here: blog.yeticheese.com/yeti-is-a-

A lot of people believe that soy is bad for the environment. We explain why that's wrong in this blog post: blog.yeticheese.com/no-soy-is-

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