@wonyoungie Yeah I did Wonyoungie, do you know that song too? Nice gif icon by the way

@zhan noo am just guessing gege. what's that song? anyway im an Untamed enthusiasm 😳🤭 its such a pleasure to meet you. oh again, thank you for the compliment!

@wonyoungie Thats nice. My girlfriend is also a big fan of the untamed @yangzi1106 maybe we can do an MDZS rp together around here someday? Haha. Gotta gather more people

@zhan Hello @wonyoungie yes, please. If you would like to RP with us or simply gushing about the Untamed, just hit us up.

@wonyoungie @zhan hi! It's Yangzi again. So I've moved my account here hahaha, I wanna have that blue tick too ya kno. And since it's not existing in my previous server so-

@yangzi1106 @zhan jiejie! you're so cute🤭 oh, i see because your old domain couldn't use emoji on the display name. it's okay! cool isn't it?✨


@wonyoungie @zhan ps. Im not cute. Im cool.

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