Figured out how to get the compiler to vectorize my synthesis algorithm with SIMD instructions over blocks of audio and it caused a HUGE performance boost. Feeling myself rn lol.

Anyone know anything about writing audio code that takes advantage of SIMD? I'm writing my own little audio library and I want to speed it up. Do I need to process blocks of audio instead of one sample at a time in order to get the compiler to auto vectorize? Do i need to replace operations with intrinsics? If so how do you spot logical places for that?

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The NFT discussions going on rn are killing me.

Long rant 

Borrowed my partner's Mac to try and make a Mac build of this vst plugin I'm working on... Boy has the experience gotten worse in the last 5 years. Had to agree to like 5 eula, set up apple Id, forced to download xcode to do any Dev work (11gigs!). When using the app store got caught in an endless loop of password promos followed by errors about account verification... Click for instructions... Another password promt! It would be one thing if the proprietary garden software worked...

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7 tracks of #techno and #electro performed mostly live on a mix of commercial and #DIY synthesizers, recorded to #cassette . my homemade modular synth is used throughout, lots of crunchy analog sounds.

Available on Bandcamp:

CC-BY - Free to use, remix, etc,

🔁 Please boost if you know anybody who likes this sort of thing :-) 🔁

Building envelope generators is kinda hard. I've spent longer on this part than expected...

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🎛🎚Free sample pack! 🎚🎛

129 drum/percussion samples I created using a Korg Volca Modular

Please boost! 🔁 I want to empower others to make cool weird music

Dirty, analog, lofi. Use however you'd like, I hope you find the sounds interesting, useful, and/or inspiring

#samplepack #free #analog #lofi #modular #synthesizer #korg #drums #percussion #soundDesign
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💿 Free loop pack! 33 lo-fi analog drum loops created with my homemade modular synth 💿

Available here (audio previews too):

Free to use however you want, license is CC-BY - royalty free. I hope you'll find them interesting, useful, and/or inspiring.

Please boost, especially if you know people who like weird audio stuff

#samplepack #looppack #modularsynth #free #sounds #analog #diy #audio #samples #springreverb #drums

Has anyone on here ever created and sold stock or sync music as a way of making some income from music making? I'm curious to try and looking for some advice on getting started and any gotchas. What I've read suggest starting with 6 or so tracks and picking a non exclusive store to start with. Any other tips? Bonus: has anyone done is as part of a duo or band? Any tips there?

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We're only aware of three instances with at least one Black mod or admin. One left mastodon; one we have serious reservations about; and the third we haven't really looked into that much.

On top of that, just having Black people in positions of power in a community isn't a guarantee of a generally pro-Black culture or stance, as any study of social media or the internet or the history of life on Earth can tell you. But that we only know of **3** is still...something. Lmao.

That's all for now.

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WIP, strobe 

A work in progress etude for my "breathing card" series called tizhaimy.

My friend sent me some midi for a track were working on and I'm rendering the stems using the SID chip emulator on the monomachine. It sounds rad!

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#algodub - dub reggae created with #tidalcycles and hardware

Recently I had the idea to combine my love of dub with my love of algorithmic music.

This music is generated algorithmically using TidalCycles. While it plays, I mix it and sometimes play other instruments on top of it- sort of like King Tubby did with reggae songs.

So 3rd day or so hanging here... This feels way better than Big Tech social media and my brain doesn't feel like mush after reading stuff on here for 30m or so.
I'm also struck by how much this feels like a real community and that that feeling is no accident but rather what must be a lot of good work moderating.
I have no idea what I have to "toot" about but I've found my self reading posts just to see wholesome online interaction.

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I remember at one point in my life when I thought "Google, it would be so awesome to work there." That was pretty much the mullet haircut of my tech life.


My name is David. I'm from ann arbor michigan. I love to make music and I love writing software to make music and art. I typically feed myself by working as a software developer for others but am currently taking some time to focus on other projects. I'm hugely inspired by people making independent art and tools. I love the culture and aesthetic of algorave but I've never been to one. I got curious about this platform after hearing about if from

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