Remember kids, a $5 UV filter can save your $500 lens. Woo!

@fishidwardrobe it is a lot easier. Just thankful that it was there.

@deshipu 🤣 My cat knocked my backpack off the bed. It hit the ground and I could hear it from the next room.

I would rather leave the lens hood on. UV filters throw off the auto focus and degrade image quality.

I don't think that filter did anything significant when your lens hit the floor.

@xapmat If you put $5 glass in front of $500 glass, you have already wasted $500 🥴

@xapmat Or what would have been a knock on the thick and stable front lens with an ellbow turns into a break filter and scratch front lens event. Also +1 to what @maffeis writes ... it might safe your front lens every few years, but it will have a small to visibile negative impact on all your photos.

@andreas_huppert @xapmat yeah, that’s why a lens hood is often a better approach (and if anything it can improve IQ, not the opposite).
But I see the point, I’d rather get dirt on a filter, than the front element, but in that case I’d get a quality filter to minimize IQ degradation.

@maffeis @andreas_huppert Thanks for making some assumptions. I toss a cheap UV on the front for when the lens is in my backpack or I am traveling. It has saved some of my glass from damage in the past. My Minolta is old, and getting lenses for it is a crapshoot. Ebay is either super cheap and not worth it or you'd think they were made of gold. I do use a lot of filters when using infrared or b&w film. Those are a lot more than $5.

@xapmat @andreas_huppert I just made a joke around the fact that using cheap filters in front of expensive glass is counterproductive. I don’t think that assuming you used it while shooting was too far fetched. Arguably a hood (or a cap, if you only need it for transport) offers better protection against shocks as there’s no risk it will shatter and scratch the front element. I’d use (good) filters only to protect against the weather (or for creative purposes).

@xapmat BTW, replacing a front lens is maybe twice as expensive as a good protection filter

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