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:yay: Just 35 min of doing nothing and I can enjoy the weekend! 🎉

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Wow this is making me sad.. my company just published a intern piece about how great they are because they support all kinds of projects during Corona that connects people. Cool and all but they have turned down my request for this community. And I only want some server space nothing more..

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@tuskysquad acho q vcs nem vao ver isso pq o tusky morreu e provavelmente o squad tbm, mas eu so queria dizer q tds do squad sao perfeitos e todos sempre terao um espaço no meu coraçao (ate mesmo o lohan pq puta merda eu impliquei DEMAIS com o mlk desculpah)
eh so isso mesmo, desinstalei o telegram e nem me despedi
love yall to the moon and to saturn

faz quase 1 semana q eu n entro aqui

quem gostou do icon respira quem n gosto n respira

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