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Here we see Hickson Compact Group 88, a quartet of galaxies that are surprisingly chilled out given how crowded their environment has become!

Usually these galaxy interactions are stressful events, and here we see some evidence of galaxy evolution: the two northern galaxies are flinging away some of their older (redder) stars. But the two southern galaxies seem to be quite undisturbed!

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On the 28th of May I'm co-organizing solarisecon.org/ , a short and free #solarpunk conference with discussion panels on technology, infrastructure, art and narratives! Feel free to join us, we'll have QnA sessions with experts!

We'll have lots of FLOSS people, Appropedia, Global Innovation Gathering and more!

#sciencefiction #scifi #future #futurism #sustainability

Might as well resurrect this account in light of yesterday's news about the bird site.

I'm the kind of person who helps troubleshoot the tech problems of friends and family, no matter if they're on the same road or the other side of the world.

Sometimes I wish I knew more, but my head is jammed packed with tech knowledge related to the writing I do in my day job.

People ask me why I don't cross post or basically do a video version of my podcast on YouTube and like...

I want nothing to do with that site's algorithm and content monitoring.

I swear a lot on my podcast.

We have music we own.

No thanks.

In the weird position where for my job, I need some degree of training around embedded computing and training, but also training around writing so that those skills are always improving too.

Finding a way to get what I need and in a way I learn from is difficult.

Currently looking at this project and wondering if I could handle it. We have a real need for a plant monitoring system at home, but it feels silly buying one if I could make it as a coding and hardware project...

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This is waiting for a open door in the rain for you to close it so it can start complaining again about not getting into the house :meow:

People writing in the passive voice are one of the main struggles in my job.

Whole drafts that need to have over 70+ instances of it changed.

Despite training people on how to use active voice.


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The week has run away with me.

I really wish I could somehow have a tool for my Outlook calendar that only allowed for X number of meeting bookable hours a week and that once those hours are used up, the meeting is refused. And an automated message is sent to the organiser letting them know how much of my time that week has been given over to meetings *and* asks them if they have truly considered whether they need it or not.

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I just want the work week to be over, because my brain's a little fried from context switching all week long.

Never thought we'd be making a podcast episode on , but here we are!

You can check out the latest episode of Nerds Assemble over here: nerdsassemble.co.uk/post/62001

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Today's mission while working:

Do not melt.

Monday morning...

Trying to kick it in the ass.

(Watching people trying to fill my calendar this week with meetings and...... Nooooo, please stop.)

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I'm not sure how the entire situation could become even weirder and worse, but at this rate I'm fully expecting 2020 to surprise us with a fleet of alien starships to attack Earth in July 😂

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