I feel like I dont have nearly enough polar bear cuddles in my life.

To (almost) quote Terry Pratchett:

All animals can be cuddled, some animals can only be cuddled once.

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With the rise of the lose-lose situation with the tension around censorship vs misinformation, work -- which is centrally about critical thinking -- is more important than ever. I am privileged to straddle the boundary between Humanities and Tech as a programmer/Digital Humanities professional. For a long time the tech side has been the socially advantaged one because it lead to high-demand well-paying jobs while humanities has had an identity crisis trying to prove its worth to a public that wants to follow the money. But now, more than ever, that critical-thinking humanites education is crucial to society. These human problems that threaten our society, those poles of censorship and misinformation, are simply out of the scope of the tech thinking. But they are not going anywhere, and the only answer is to for individuals, who are the victims and the target of both censorship and misinformation, to learn those skills.

"Respecting COVID." Does this sound ridiculous? I understand people being exhausted and exasperated about quarantine and masks and social distancing. But our family, with immunocompromised pre-k child, are just one type these practices are made to protect. We are dearly grateful for them, and I feel a burst of gratitude whenever I see a mask wearer . It chaffs whenever I hear people presume sympathetic annoyance, or complain about the protections for which I am so grateful.

This major victory for #NetNeutrality was led by @Scott_Wiener. It is in big part thanks to his efforts that SB822 was implemented as a statewide policy, preventing ISPs in California from engaging in blocking, throttling, paid prioritization, and anti-competitive zero rating. twitter.com/Scott_Wiener/statu

Social media giants have the impossible task of moderating speech online. We have to imagine a different world to communicate with the people we care about. @ethanz explains more in our latest podcast episode: eff.org/deeplinks/2022/01/podc

#parallel : extended in the same direction, and in all parts equally distant

- French: parallèle

- German: parallel

- Italian: parallelo

- Portuguese: paralelo

- Spanish: paralelo


Thank you so much for being a member of our community!

Asynchronous team communication: like email or Zulip, the ability to have sequential comms without having to be simultaneously present. ie, "not at the same time."

Asynchronous computing: like threads, the ability for things to run in parallel without waiting for eachother. ie, "at the same time."

Am I the only one who runs in to confusion with this contronym in semi-technical discussions? "Let's solve this asynchronously."

@moaparty appears not to be working properly on this account -- no cross-posting in either direction with my Twitter. But it works fine for my other accounts. How do I debug?

I am really annoyed by things that insist you use their app rather than taking pride in their a well-done web-app -- but I am downright INFURIATED by things that actually refuse to work without their app, not even attempting a basic CRUD REST webapp. Just got a scare that way with Class Dojo, but they actually seem to have a begrudgingly working web app.

God is aware of the limitations of his children's understanding, and knows that we cannot receive certain pieces of knowledge. What sort of things am I yet not ready to receive?

3 Nephi 17:2 I perceive that ye are weak, that ye cannot understand all my words which I am commanded of the Father to speak unto you at this time.

What does it mean that Adam was to “rule over” Eve?

I like that Elder Renlund cast this understanding in terms of ministering. "Rule over" is understood as stewardship and responsibility, not as dominion. This is also how leadership is meant to be, everywhere.

This BYU animation short did a good job representing Grandpa's wisdom, with which I've striven to conform my life: "if you can't do what you love, love what you do." youtu.be/e0TR_D_Yhes

Everything about this post is factually incorrect.

For starters wealth is not equivelant to planetary resources nor is the quantity of all resources fixed. For example if i buy a farm and breed cows im increasing the number of cows and therefore creating wealth/resources that didnt exist before. Further i might be a seller of farm tech and invented and sold some technology that enables a person to support more cows on less land. Wealth creation is not and has never been directly dictated by the quantity of resources as if it were a fixed value

Second the idea that most of the rich come from affluent backgrounds is factually false. The majority of the rich, in fact, come from poor and middle class homes, ive cited several sources on my page proving this in the past.

The reason the rich dont destroy world poverty is several reasons, one is that wealth can be destroyed just as it can be created. So if they truly dumped all their monry into the poor, since these people are for the most part people with bad monry habits, it would destroy most of the worlds wealth and put us all in poverty. Second, there wouldnt be even close to enough money to solve the problem long term anyway, at best it would fix the problem for a short time. The only way to fix the problem is to get the poor to have good money habits so thry become wealth generators rather than wealth destroyers, this is a complex problem to fix.

So many Rust projects, maybe all of them, the first feature is that it's written in Rust.
I'm sorry, but that's not an interesting feature for anyone except Rust developers.

I used to think this way, too. I always wanted to rewrite existing programs in whatever language, I was currently excited about.

My advice is to focus on addressing real shortcomings and issues, and not tout the specific technology for its own sake.

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Student opened up about performance anxiety; we spoke about its long-term risks, including addictive behaviors. I mostly listened. All flowed from a question inspired by the student's obvious gifts: "What weakness gets in your way?"

When a lit class is about more than literature

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“In the darkest times, home is something you give yourself.”

— Uncle Iroh, Avatar The Last Airbender, s2 ep5

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