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당신은 저를 통제
할 수 없습니다,
나는 내가 원하는

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i better like online in this site hmm confused 😢

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Mumpung pagi, saya open follback cukup boost toot ini dan follow base. Cepat saya tunggu -mas

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I’m sorry for doing this on public.

Is there any Bilingual or English RP? Kindly repeat or boost this post to get a follow. I’ll hit you up. Thank you!

falling love with this third app!! there are pink theme and many more! also running smooth and efficiently! 💕😆✨oh, you can set up the direct message into chat style!

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I wonder why people on Twitter making fun of us who pay to roleplay here? Aren't they the same? Paying username, profile needs, or business account services to fix shadowbanned account? What's the matter? As long as it doesn't harm anyone, I think it's fine. Moreover, we don't use they money to fullfil our needs.
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@wonyoungie hai wonyieee! have an athey day yaaa :love_parrot: belum mam pagi kan? ini ak buatin sereal buat km :0180:

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( i think i will be back. i want to try to be more active there even im not having any friends😿 )

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good evening lovelies!💗

we're open for shout out in this saturday night. go mention us with a greeting, then we will boost your toot right away. also, boost this toot to get a follow anyway!

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Sorry use public.

Cara daftar
dan penggunaan app
a thread.

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Tambahan lagi buat nyari @ temen yaak!

1. Tekan di tombol kaya tanda pencarian gitu
2. Langsung deh tulis @ temen kalian

kalo ada pertanyaan lagi. rep / dm ya!

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( if you want to chit chat, kindly DM me on "wonyoungie"

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