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When you about to make a toot (tweet) there's an icon like globe icon down there, and if you click on that icon, it will appears like this and you have to choose 'DIRECT'.

and just put base' username so it will appear on our DM tab.

W/N: lol i even use 3 apps for this platform, the most comfortable one for iOS is Oyakodon and Roma based on my preference. But if you gonna use both of them sadly you couldn't login into another accounts which have same domain

W/N: a light question at the morning, how to donate on mastodon without paypal?

Ayeay, have a great Thursday everyone. Have you check my appeareance on Bolbbagan4's new M/V?

Why I should wake up at this time WHYYYY​:AAAAAA:

Stop being so obsessed with followers it means nothing here :0240:

A lot of people still unlisted.

Change your toots privacy to UNLISTED. People use this platform to develop apps and sites, receive news and share ideas. You're interrupting the information flow.


Stop being so obsessed with followers it means nothing here

@BASERPW_INDO Mind to shoutout base? i currently looking for selective mutuals and band-mates to fulfillin my timeline​:AAAAAA:

W/N: Maaf lagi emo and my toots are currently full of bulol thingy hiks, we finally have some of quality times after cross along with a lot of hectic schedules and things...​:blobcatmeltcry:​​:blobcatmeltcry:


Also, everything that goes to the local timeline, goes to the public.

The instances besides can't stand spam, so they end up muting/blocking the whole instance, so peoples from those instances can never interact with each other.

That's a really sad thing and we can't let that happen. This is Stux's life!

And you can stop all these things from happening by just telling your friends and others to post "unlisted".


What was them actually complaining about, is the spam. You're almost 1k of people posting at the same time.

Here we are used to see other people's projects, some news, open discussions about politics and etc. Since a lot of you are spamming, posting at the local/public which is not a chat, we can't see any of this.

This also bad for the instance. Last night, when you arrived, the server stopped working for a few minutes and the was suuuuuper slow.


Okay, the thing is: Mastodon is not Twitter.

We have a whole different system here. For starters, Stux depends of donations to keep the platform up, he doesn't have family support and he takes care of this all by himself, because it's a really important thing for him.

Here, you're gonna find all types of people: developers, gamers, conspiracionists and etc. You don't need to agree with them, but don't attack them in public.

Just to make it clear

Spam is everything that interrupts the information flow at Mastodon.

So, if you do any of this things, is considered SPAM:

- Posting too much at the public/local timelines.
- Posting things with no context, like lyrics, words, pictures with no information.
- Repeated things, like I'm seeing a lot of "follback" or something like that.

Guys, this is Stux's life, he depends of donations, he doesn't have family support and yet, he keeps an amazing job here!

Help him.

out of nowhere there r some idiots saying that roleplay acc is a bot for political purpose, and they're going to report the acc who spamming for a follback on tl, so just use the fuckin unlisted or dm for that, ok.

please boost this tweet if you're an English or Bilingual user!♡

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