W/N: Will be active later🌤 see you when I see you😬✌️

Currently tired but let's try again. 'Pat myself'

I wonder why people on Twitter making fun of us who pay to roleplay here? Aren't they the same? Paying username, profile needs, or business account services to fix shadowbanned account? What's the matter? As long as it doesn't harm anyone, I think it's fine. Moreover, we don't use they money to fullfil our needs.

I should be update my ongoing schedule but my lazy ass say no

@juliya Ayeee my label-mates! Has ITZY been busy lately or nah?

@krw_on @yk Thank you so much for help me to find my hyung!😭

@kiko Pretty! How's it going? What's your current activities?

@MINGYEU W/N: Ayee finally I got some enlightenments✨ I found a funding place that supported for donating to mstdn, pretty cheap and easy too. We just need credit card and the donation can be done only in one payment.

But sadly I still don't have so much time :blobcatPuffyDizzy:

@Evan Evan the wondrous one! Fyi i was just listening at your song, can you guess which one?

@englishroleplayer Mind to give me a shoutout? I currently search for a lot of ENG/BIL friends, especially for the one who know me and DAY6 well too. And oh, that must be great if I can find my other hyungs and dowoons!

@MINGYEU i saw your toot was passing by, Let's be friend!

@irenez W/N: I still need to promoting day6😂 and I feel less-worried cause I didn't use an important email too.

@jieunIee nuna! Is it ok if I'm not strictly talk in english? But i did it mainfully

Lol why there's herin on public timeline. She doesn't want to be RP-ed by someone as I know

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