@englishroleplayer Mind to give me a shoutout? I currently search for a lot of ENG/BIL friends, especially for the one who know me and DAY6 well too. And oh, that must be great if I can find my other hyungs and dowoons!

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@kiko Pretty! How's it going? What's your current activities?

@wonpilz pretty good, actually. i just chilling around, and playing with him. he's cute isn't it? :0080:

@krw_on @yk Thank you so much for help me to find my hyung!😭

@juliya Ayeee my label-mates! Has ITZY been busy lately or nah?

@wonpilz yup yup! It's a word play from baby hehe. And also luvies often call me with that name. So yeah I got inspired from that. Did people find it strange?

@Evan Evan the wondrous one! Fyi i was just listening at your song, can you guess which one?

@wonpilz oooooo for real?! Which one then?? This cat really be curious.

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