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So, hello everyone?

It's such an honor to put a disclaimer that I'm not the real of Kim Wonpil of DAY6. My toots and interactions wouldn't have any correlations with him and his band or even JYP Ent as his agency.

Slightly to inform that I kinda selective, not mainly talk in English but I try my best to portray my muse very well.


W/N: Will be active later🌤 see you when I see you😬✌️

Currently tired but let's try again. 'Pat myself'

I wonder why people on Twitter making fun of us who pay to roleplay here? Aren't they the same? Paying username, profile needs, or business account services to fix shadowbanned account? What's the matter? As long as it doesn't harm anyone, I think it's fine. Moreover, we don't use they money to fullfil our needs.

I should be update my ongoing schedule but my lazy ass say no

@englishroleplayer Mind to give me a shoutout? I currently search for a lot of ENG/BIL friends, especially for the one who know me and DAY6 well too. And oh, that must be great if I can find my other hyungs and dowoons!

Lol why there's herin on public timeline. She doesn't want to be RP-ed by someone as I know

will be rarely active but at the same time i wanna boost my desire to socializing with others :notlikemeowcry:

I'm sorry for using public. but if you see this, please help me with a BOOST or a TOOT.

This has been Kim Mingyu from SEVENTEEN, Having a mission to collect some more friend to talk with here since i lost them all. yeah, i do provides foods, fancy car, and also MEME.

Let's befriend with me. :0090:

Maaf pake public post.

Gak semua toot lo harus di share di local timeline kayaknya deh, gue sok tau banget ya, tapi asli mau itu upfol, nyapa temej, atau apapun, kalau bikin local timeline isinya lo semua tetep aja.. Annoying? Soalnya dari kemarin yang fix diributin tuh soal spam mulu, sampe ada server khusus gitu, meski ujung-ujungnya yang bikin server itu stres sendiri, btw !

Guys please, filter aja ya yang mau lo share ke local timeline, jangan semua toots lo dimasukin ke sana.

W/N : I think that you guys don't have to talk too much. We all should be thankful because the developer/admin of this website give us instance/domain for roleplayers only. Anw, this migration will be a benefit for the non RP users and ourselves (RP users). Right now, please be patient for those who haven't entered the new instance because the server is down/on maintenance. For those who haven't receive email, check it on the spam. The email might be sent there. See you on the new instance! 👋👀

Pls let me have those wonpil on point uname i swear to the god i never curshing with wonpil face pls pls pls make it happen :blobcatsadreachrev:

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( I'll wait for the email notification.... )

Furthermore, cause we couldn't make our toots being on public everytime, you can search the updates by click the hastags that we've mentioned.

Thank you so much! Sorry if we post the disclaimer publicly🤗

Hello, not so long time ago we moved to this platform and we've see some of our members are struggling with updating their muse.

We're here to inform that this base made to help and facilitate DAY6 rps for keep updated about DAY6 recent activities.

Feel free to follow us and repost our caption or boost our toots, we will try to update your activities as fast as we can do. ✌️

W/N: glad to back with this uname again since the blue bird app suspended my account🥺 kapan balik.....

Halo, untuk sesi follback selanjutnya. Rules akan ditambah yaitu :

- Set status promote kalian untuk base di "UNLISTED" bukan "PUBLIC" demi kenyamanan bersama yaa 😁
- Tidak akan di follback jika tidak open sesi follback!
- Gunakan base dengan baik ya, SEMUA MENFESS PROMOTE/SA akan saya posting dari bawah SESUAI RULES.

Tolong di boost supaya pengguna base ini tau semua 🙏

Terima kasih.


Buat yang mau mt an/ajak mutualan lewat Base ini, tolong UNTAG RPWBASE saat mention an. Ini dilakukan agar kita terhindar dari yang namanya suspeng.

Tolong diperhatikan ya! 😉

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