Nicht nur letztes Jahr :blobmiou: auch dieses zu besuchen :bongoCat: aber die #Transportr APP hängt leider etwas schief.

Read & Repair - The Automated Body feat. Katarina Jazbec & MELT

11:00-13:00 CEST (READ, in person)
14:00-16:00 CEST (REPAIR, online)

The text selection and our reading choreography in June was made by artist Katarina Jazbec. This Read session will be overflown with no bullshit tales on living and dying together on damaged earth. How are we to live in the ruins with the dead and the living? Arundhati Roy’s ghost vultures and Anjum, a Muslim Hijra, in her opening chapter of The Ministry of Utmost Happiness and The Camille Stories in the closing chapter of the Staying with the Trouble by Donna J. Haraway, speculative fabulations, will render us capable of response in disturbing times.

The Repair session of this theme is hosted by arts-design researchers MELT. For this repair session we will work with and around the project Rituals against Barriers by MELT which is inspired by the multiple practices of survival in the face of oppression which take the form of ritual practice. Rituals can invite a stepping away from whatever normativities and can allow entry into practices such as: Refusing to ignore a feeling, refusing to not listen to your body because doing so would make apparent the ableism of any space, refusing to speed up even if that is the normalised tempo.


Poster by @p_p

:janiawoo: WG-Zimmer in Leipzig gesucht!!

Nicolas, (42) mit sanfter und freundlicher Hündin sucht dringend eine Zimmer in Leipzig. Ca. 300 Euro warm. :lattentacle:

Freut sich über Tipps und /oder Angebote (gerne per DM an mich ( @ABA_eV ), dann leite ich Kontaktdaten weiter) :thinkerguns:

Spread the word - Danke!
#leipzig #WG #mitbewohner #WgZimmer#roomie #mitbewohner #leipzigfueralle #dogs #dringend

There's a new episode of Artists and Hackers podcast about El Paquete Semanal: An Offline Internet in Cuba with interviews with two artists that research and intervene in El Paquete.


Looking forward to an eventful June at the Haus der Statistik @Alexanderplatz! Every Wednesday and Saturday in June 1 to June 30, 3-6 pm, all active Pioneers of the Haus der Statistik will open their spaces to the public and invite you to an extensive program of events in the context of the annual exhibition of pioneering uses (Pioniernutzungen) under the title "BAUSTELLUNG". #Berlin #Art #Culture #Event #Alexanderplatz #Urban #CMMC #Performance #Discussion #Kunst #HausderStatistik

as a against ? :AAAAAA:
Fresh from the press: book about the world wide influence of funded cultural programm "Congress for Cultural Freedom" that was active during the . As part of the programm, the in was a gifted to city of Berlin as a cultural-political symbol for "cultural freedom" of Western Modernism :bertinho:

Bei Regen und bei Sonnenschein 🏝️
Besucht uns heute Freitag 14. bei #openTopio an der Vitrine am Rathaus Tiergarten in Berlin #moabit von 15-20 Uhr 🍳

#FlashYourPhone #fairappsmarket #topio

Morgen endlich Frühlingsbeginn :bongoCat:
Besuch uns am Topio-Stand an der Vitrine (Rathaus Tiergarten) von 13-18 Uhr.

#floss #ilovefs #fairappsmarket #FlashYourPhone #topio #muttertag #nofilter

Tof - een coalitie van NL'se omroepen, festivals & cultuur instellingen zet zich in voor een alternatief software-ecosysteem gebasserd op , en dat het algemeen belang dient en niet uit is op winst. T/m 2026 willen o.a. , , , , , , , gebruik gaan maken van , én Mastodon :ablobreach: Hier alvast een 1e - wij verheugen ons! :blobcathearts: publicspaces.net/manifesto/

! Doe mee!
Stuur ons jou aan voor een tentoonstelling in

Waarom is vrije en open software belangrijk voor jou? Wat stelt het je in staat te doen? Wat betekent het voor onze samenleving?

Ons gemeenschappelijke FLOSS-confetti wordt samen met 1 maand tentoongesteld in de "Vitrine am Radhaus" in Berlijn.

DM aan mij of aan @topio


Diner is ready!

Uit cijfers van Crunchbase
blijkt dat de vijf grote Big Tech-bedrijven tussen 1987 en begin 2021 gezamenlijk 869 bedrijven kochten, het overgrote deel na 2010. In 2014 was er een piek: toen werden maar liefst 79 bedrijven gekocht, dat is elke vijf dagen een.

Same as mastodon.social/@yogthos/10586 but public and now with alt text for #a11y
Thx to @seachaint for the initial text, which I customized a bit.

Happy #Womansday! In her 1h #podcast "Womxn Waves" the artist Magali Dougoud reflects on different topics related to #feminism, connecting #woman, #water and #voices in a poetic and ethic approach. Through texts, voice-overs from her previous videos, sound pieces and music, she constructs a collage of reflections using the same process of montage as in her visual work.


Tireless line, tireless symphony... Incredible new work by based Isabell Schulte ... Part 7 of a series of large scale with graphite pencil on a 2x3m paper. Endlessly zoom in on the website:

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