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Fresh from the press: book about the world wide influence of funded cultural programm "Congress for Cultural Freedom" that was active during the . As part of the programm, the in was a gifted to city of Berlin as a cultural-political symbol for "cultural freedom" of Western Modernism :bertinho:

Tireless line, tireless symphony... Incredible new work by based Isabell Schulte ... Part 7 of a series of large scale with graphite pencil on a 2x3m paper. Endlessly zoom in on the website:

Voor een aankomende tentoonstellingsproject in Breda in de lente van 2021
zijn wij opzoek naar een vrijwilliger om te assisteren bij het projectmanagement.

meer info:

The Blue Hour - Maike Hemmers (DE) & Helena Wallberg (SE), Verhalenhuis Belvedere in Rotterdam, Katendrecht

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