we're pleased 😇 to work together with BE / NL Bart Lodewijks, Since 2001, Bart has been working on large-scale, linear chalk drawings in public and private spaces. He draws with chalk on walls, houses, churches, hospitals and roads in cities and towns, and writes about the process and the people he meets while

More info on our in : womeinesonnescheint.com/tuinzi

"What are you looking at? "
Look at this wonderfull of Susanna Inglada here: drawingcentre.nl/
Shown online now because the closed due to . Hope to be able to visit the show after lockdown to see her large scale drawings @drawingcentre @Diepenheim!

Tireless line, tireless symphony... Incredible new work by based Isabell Schulte ... Part 7 of a series of large scale with graphite pencil on a 2x3m paper. Endlessly zoom in on the website:

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